The pandemic has got us all turning into couch potatoes. Quite literally, with our body’s newly acquired shape shifting capabilities as all the festive food goes in. And we’ve all been wanting to turn our lives around and finally start exercising, eating better, getting healthier and fitting into our old clothes again. But once you Google ‘health tips’ and finally pick the ones that feel right for you, one thing or another gets in the way, making you go over this routine all over again day after day. So we’re here to help you kickstart your health and wellness regime.

Hopefully, this could be the last health tips blog post you will have to go through. Because this one will make you sing along to ‘I like to move it move it’, while you actually do move your bum.

Here are some of the best health and wellness tips curated just for you!

u/Speaker_for_the_Sad health tips involve making friends and roomis your workout partners to stay motivated

Get a workout partner. There will be many days when working out is the last thing you want to do. Being accountable to someone else forces you to make the effort.

Results may vary if you’re both lazy b*******.

u/Andefir suggests taking baby steps when making a list of health tips to follow

Don’t do everything at once. Don’t try to go to them gym, eat healthy, no chocolate, no sodas, all at the same time. It’ll cause you to quit early on. Take small steps. If, for example, you want to cut out soda, try going every second day without it. Then try two days in row and so on.

u/pot69 recommends a health tip we all could use when on a Netflix binge

Instead of watching another episode, stretch for ten minutes, then watch another episode.

Now this is one of the health tips we like!

u/thereson8or tells you to listen to what your body needs for health and wellness

One of the most important health tips: Listen to your body! We are often in denial of the little voice telling us not to do something or that we crave something. If I have eaten shit for a while, my body almost screams for healthy alternatives…do it!!

u/Kelbright suggests making plans and goals that are sustainable over the long run

When picking health tips to make your own, be sustainable. Don’t create this huge workout regime that you’re going to have to fight to complete regularly. Make a plan that your body and life can handle. Same thing for diets. Crash diets may help you lose weight quickly. But you’ll be miserable if you try to maintain them for any significant period of time. It’s better to create a balanced diet that you can enjoy with than to make yourself miserable in the name of health by cutting out enjoyable foods completely.

u/RebelStarPilot tells us to trick our brains into doing the healthy thing

It’s all about tricking yourself into doing healthy things. For example, going to the gym. If you say “I’ll go to the gym when I have time/feel like it”, you probably won’t go. If you say “I’m going to the gym everyday at 7pm”, even if you don’t go everyday, it is something that is scheduled and you have a higher chance of actually doing it.

u/GIANTCAPYBARA suggests maintaining a healthy sleep cycle as one of the most important health tips

SLEEP. Sleeping 8 hours a night is one of the most important health tips you can follow to maintain your mental and physical health. Bonus points if you can regulate your sleep time so you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. Plus, who doesn’t like to sleep?

u/righthandoftyr tells you to understand your primitive mind’s urges for choosing the right health tips

Just remember that your body still thinks it’s a caveman. Your body will always be telling you “Eat all that sugary food while it’s here, and store up fat. You never know, you might need that fat if the antelope herds decide to move on to a different part of the valley for a while.” But we live in a world of reliable agriculture and food preservation now, there’s no need to store up fat to get through lean seasons that don’t happen anymore.

Similarly, your body is going to protest about working out. It’s going to want to conserve your energy and avoid the risk of hurting yourself because it still thinks that calories are precious things to be hoarded and even minor injuries could be a death sentence.

In the end, it’s not just about willpower or self control

People think it’s all just a matter of willpower to stick to a diet and exercise regimen. And that’s part of it, but a lot of it is just realizing that many of the urges you feel are obsolete mechanisms from a bygone age, and it’s okay to give yourself permission to ignore them. Half the battle is just learning to separate the real concerns from the anachronistic instincts leftover from our primitive past. Once you can tell the two apart, it’s a lot easier for the rational part of your mind to assert itself.

We hope you make the best out of these health and wellness tips and feel good about yourself, always!

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