Ever so often we come across the phrase that says that the only constant in life si change. People can have several reasons to seek change. Maybe you want to be healthier than you were this past year. Maybe less mean or more mindful. And just maybe, you want to shift base and move to another city.

Considering where you want to live next cannot be easy. The mixed feelings involved in even considering how and where to start you new life is not easy. And while the prospect of starting a new life is very exciting, the logistics of it is not so much. But! That is IF you don’t have a planned framework.

Timing a move is also tricky but y’know what? It doesn’t have to be. Being able to aptly tell if the time is right is something most of us will never get right but turns out, that is completely alright.

If any three of these check you’ll know if it’s time for you to relocate!

Consider moving to another city if you’re far far away from your passions.

Bargaining with ourselves and our dreams is something all of us are guilty of. And no matter how you wish to have it, the television industry lives in Los Angeles and New York. Web start-ups congregate in San Francisco, and oil men reside in Texas. What we’re trying to say? If there is a better place to do what you like doing, don’t fear the competition and, just do!

Yeah, we’re all aware of how easy the internet has made remote-working and careers. But be honest and real with yourself about the things you are allowing yourself to give up.

Never lived in another city? Moving cities might be for you.

It’s just not fair to dismiss something before trying it. That’s some of the best advice you will ever hear right there. But also, it is important to consider that some people have the comfort of knowing where they want to live. Some choose to stay at home forever, others choose a city and just move. The rest, move. And while being able to move cities on a whim is an absolute luxury, working towards a new goal isn’t. The worst thing that can happen is that you don’t like it. And you opt to move back. If you move back, at least you’ll be able to replace “What if?” with “I tried it and it sucked.”

You’ve always imagined yourself someplace else.

Sometimes, letting a “why not?” guide you makes all the difference. Y’know how some people identify as New York people or LA people? Even when they weren’t always from that city? Yeah it’s mildly annoying. But associating yourself with a colors of a city is also quite endearing. Cities have a mysterious way of making people fall in love with concrete and trees. It’s the same ingredients creating something so unique each time. And we have nothing but appreciation for people who sing praises of the cities they found themselves living and loving in.

I mean, if there’s a place you’ve always wanted to live in and you have tens of pinterest boards on and have always dreamt of. Then why not?!

You can tell your goals are changing.

We would like to tell ourselves that as a society we are all evolving towards a path where it is okay to give up on what you always thought you wanted to do. Even though you’ve poured dollars on dollars towards this dream. And spent hours working for. We’d like to say that this is hardly the truth.

Never mind that you likely chose your career at eighteen years old. Think about the other things you liked when you were eighteen. We doubt your tastes haven’t changed since. Which is why, it is also okay if now, you do not see yourself becoming what you thought you would when you’re older.

Development is constant change as the nature of life! And we implore you to move if you know of a place to foster this growth in.

You could also move to another city just because you’ve never liked the weather where you live.

Yeah, you were born in a city that receives snow for 6 months of the whole year. Yeah your parents made sure you were fully equipped to deal with it. But that still does not imply that you have to like the snow.

Why put up with something if you can’t stand it? We know that there are higher priorities than the climate to decide where to live. But if it makes you happier, and you have the ability to, then as we said before, why not?

Consider moving to another city if there’s no reason for you to stay behind.

This happens more often than any of us can think. One random day the realization dawns upon you that the reason you are where you are, no longer exists. This can be so freeing, typing about it makes us envious. We must also factor in that cities change, what they have to offer also changes and more often than not, we change.

And on a day like that, maybe it’s time to contemplate what’s next and turn that Pinterest board detailing the places you want to visit in your dream town into a reality.

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