Welcome back, fellow travelers! Thank you for joining us on another virtual tour where we take you through the five boroughs of New York. The city never ceases to marvel and captivate its travelers and even folks living in NYC itself. Contrary to what most people think, there’s more to the city than untouchable concrete peaks and the fast-paced life. It also offers delicious food, relaxing green scapes, and a touch of blue for all the water babies out there. There’s never a dull beat in New York City.

Talking about blues and boroughs, let’s take a quick recap of some of the boroughs & neighborhoods we visited last week:

Today we will be visiting Queens & Staten Island:

Image credits: Attractiontickets

Fourth Stop: Queens

If Manhattan is XS and Brooklyn M, then Queens is XL. Notably, in all departments. An extra-large palate of food, diversity, and also literally in size! Queens is the largest and the most diverse of all the five boroughs in New York. The borough encapsulates a beautiful medley of cultures and experiences, which is a result of residents from far lands calling Queens their home.

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Breweries & food

Get your fill (quite literally) when you visit Queens. The borough is famous for many breweries that you can’t miss. Many tourists and folks living in NYC get their fill from the exquisite authentic cultural food. From mouth-watering street food, Asian & Mediterranean delicacies to one of the best Greek restaurants – Taverna Kyclades. Honestly, you can’t stop eating…*speaks with a mouthful*…when you’re in Queens!

Art & places

The borough is a favorite among nature lovers, history fanatics, sports fans, and modern-art aficionados. If you’re someone who’s living in NYC, you can’t deny seeing the large Pepsi-Cola sign that draws many influencers and tourists from around the world. It’s quite cute!

Want a spot you can enjoy art and a picnic at the same time? Head to The Socrates Sculptural Park, an outdoor space where sculptors showcase their best work in 3D. When it’s time to hop back on the tour and explore more of Queens, you can tap on your New York Guide’s shoulder – that’s me! Some other cool places to visit are the Noguchi Museum and the famous modern art museum MoMA PS1.

If you love being in or next to water, make sure to visit the Rockaway beach that allows surfers (in summers). The beach has breweries and great food to relish while checking out the majestic views. Oh so pretty!

As your New York Guide, here are my top recommendations when visiting Queens:

  1. The Unisphere, Corona Park
  2. Ferry ports
  3. New York State Pavillion – It’s surrounded by beautiful Cherry blossoms in spring, and is a real sight to behold
  4. Fort Tildon – For people who love to visit unconventional spots while traveling. An adventurous trip for people living in NYC too!
  5. Museum of the Moving Image
  6. Louis Armstrong House Museum

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Fifth & final stop: Staten Island

The beautiful island is only a scenic ferry ride away. As your New York Guide, I must express how much I personally love Staten Island. It’s the greenest borough; a magical Narnia escape within the city (minus the white witch, which at this point is probably the pandemic). Staten Island offers the most stunning views, beaches, immersive Maritime history, and even a fully preserved colonial village. Hop on folks, we are taking the ferry!

Vintage Vibes – Edward Barton’s house in Richmond Town | Picture Credits – historicrichmondtown.org

One of my favorite destinations in Staten Island is Richmond Town for its unrivaled old-world charm. The 100-acre site is soaked in American history from colonial days. You can experience all of it first hand – check out the events & tours on tours on their website.

Staten Island is a quiet place for people to unwind and escape city life. As your New York Guide, here are our top recommendations for travelers and people living in NYC:

  1. Richmond Town – For Colonial History
  2. Marina Cafe – For delicious lobsters & views of the Great Kills Harbour
  3. Staten Island Ferry
  4. Snug Harbour Cultural Center & Botanical Garden
  5. 5050 Skatepark
  6. National Lighthouse Museum

In our next exciting series, we will be studying the history of the five boroughs of New York.

Till then stay safe and keep traveling (virtually)!

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