In New York, there is an infinite number of sustainable shops. Essentially, each corner is an invitation to start with your journey towards sustainable shopping. Sustainable fashion, however, in itself, is a much larger conversation. But if you’re looking to get started towards more conscious consumption, fashion is a good place to start. While some are expensive, others are highly accessible stores in New York. And they have all become a part of this conversation.

Customers are being more environmentally-conscious than ever. It’s no surprise that brands and their stores are shifting their approach in order to meet the demand for sustainability.

Though it’s not always possible for us to tick every box when buying consciously, you can always start somewhere. Yes, even in NYC! There are plenty of places where a green-minded New Yorker can stock up on sustainable clothes, beauty products, and home goods.

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1. Rebag

Pre-owned and pre-loved items are a huge aspect of sustainable shopping, and the sustainable stores in New York conversation.

Rebag specializes in the niche of preowned luxury handbags. The selection includes over 40 brands and only bags that show minimal signs of use are accepted. Additionally, no major changes in color, strap use, blemishes, and other details will make the cut! Moreover, buying second-hand items is a great way to consume more consciously. All while getting your hands on some pre-loved designer goodies for a cheaper cost.

Address: 390 W Broadway | 575 Madison Ave | 185 Greenwich Street (Westfield World Trade Center)

2. Reformation

This super cool sustainable women’s clothing brand only uses natural fibers. These fibers are rapidly renewable, vintage fabrics, and also surplus unused fabrics that other fashion companies have discarded. Rather than tossing these out, the brand rescues these unwanted materials on a daily basis from NYC Fashion District companies. And then use them to create their own pieces!

They’re one of the more expensive sustainable shops, but Instagram loves them.

Address: 39 Bond St |  23 Howard St | 156 Ludlow St.

3. Magpie

Need a last-minute gift that gives the impression you put thought into it? This is one of those Upper West Side stores in New York that has a curated selection of reasonably priced eco-friendly items for adults and kids. There’s something for everyone!

488 Amsterdam Ave.; 212-579-3003

4. Moo Shoes

A vegan-owned business that sells cruelty-free footwear, bags, t-shirts, wallets, books, and other accessories. The first cruelty-free store of its kind in NYC, Moo Shoes was founded in 2001. The shoes are made from recycled rubber, plastic bottles, vegan leather, and vintage clothing.

Fun fact: MooShoes NYC is also home to a slew of rescued cats who were adopted from some local organizations.

Address: 78 Orchard Street.

5. Artists & Fleas

A marketplace for local producers – handicrafts, clothing, decoration, accessories, footwear, beauty items and thrift stores. This market brings together several vendors, in several units around the city! Buying from local producers is also a way to practice conscious consumption – we’re all for it.

Locations: 88 10th Ave (Chelsea Market) | 490 Broadway | 70 North 7th St. (Brooklyn)

What’s next for sustainable fashion?

Sustainability and conscious consumption isn’t a trend that’s going away.

When you support a sustainable fashion brand or business, you’re choosing to be considerate of humanity – and the environment! The end goal is to have a system which works without leaving a negative footprint.

Since clothing plays an important role in our lives, it’s certainly an accessible way for us all to make a change. It doesn’t hurt to educate ourselves and raise awareness on who made the clothes we wear, the fabrics that they’re made from, and how their production actually impacts people and the planet.

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