Though it was historically oriented to the Korean immigrant population living in LA, the Koreatown you see today is much more ethnically diverse. With significant Latino and other Asian communities residing and running businesses in this neighborhood, it can be described as a melting pot of cultures. Koreatown attractions include restaurants with to-die-for food, karaoke bars and markets, which sell products from all over the world. Can’t decide where to start? Take a look at this guide for the best things to do in Koreatown, LA.

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Outdoors in Koreatown, LA

1. Take in the quiet atmosphere of the Korean Pavilion Garden

Developed in 2006, the Korean Pavilion Garden is just one of the many Asian-themed gardens that you will find in Koreatown. With most people in the community tracing their roots back to Asian countries like Korea, China and Japan, it is no wonder that such gardens are not uncommon in the area. If you prefer peace, quiet and love to be surrounded by greenery, this is the place to be.

2. Get close to nature at the Ernest E. Debs Regional Park

Sprawling across 300 acres of land, this is one of the most overlooked attractions in Koreatown. With a lake, and lots of treed areas, this park is perfect for those looking for a hiking trail, or simply a walk surrounded by greenery. Don’t forget to stop by the Audubon Center if you’re visiting with family.

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Sports in Koreatown, LA

1. Enjoy golfing at the Aroma Resort

Both seasoned professionals and first-timers can enjoy golfing at the Aroma Resort, LA’s largest semi-indoor golf range. This 150-yard golf range is open to the public and has four levels, with automated tee-up systems and optional instructors on hand. Enjoy a round of golf with your friends at Aroma Resort-one of the best things to do in Koreatown, LA.

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Museums in Koreatown, LA

1. Head to the Korean American National Museum

Appreciate and learn more about Korean Culture at the Korean American National Museum. Here, you get a glimpse into the lives of Korean Americans living in the neighborhood, and hear the tales of the previous generations. The museum not only helps exhibit the struggles of those who immigrated to the US, but also hosts community activities and events. After major renovations, the museum is all set to unveil its new look in 2022. So don’t miss it when it returns as one of the best things to do in Koreatown, LA!

2. Marvel at the beauty of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

One of the most prominent Koreatown attractions, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was opened nearly five decades and hosts permanent and temporary exhibitions. It’s not just the brilliant art and interactive exhibits that attract tourists to this museum, though. Also, the garden and walking paths are beautiful to look at. With a few historical pieces and stunning contemporary art, visiting the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is surely one of the best things to do in Koreatown, LA.

3. Explore California through the works of local artists at Ann Bridges’ Art Studio

A Los Angeles native artist, Ann Bridges highlights the work of all those who learn from her at Ann Bridges’ Art Studio. The gallery also features her work, which mainly focuses on various sites across California

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Culture in Koreatown, LA

1. Catch a concert at the famed Wiltern Theatre

Originally a movie theatre, The Wiltern also doubles as an intimate concert hall with balcony seating, and ample floor space. Although it doesn’t seem like it, the space is large enough to not feel crowded. Undoubtedly one of the most famed Koreatown attractions, The Wiltern was Adele’s venue of choice for her pre-Grammy concert in 2016, and was also featured in Lana Del Ray’s promotions for her single, Freak, in 2015.

2. Sing your heart out at Soop Sok Karaoke

Karaoke is probably not one of the first things that come to mind when thinking of delving into Korean culture, but it sure is fun. In fact, doing karaoke is one of the best things to do in Koreatown, LA. If you can manage it, be sure to explore some of the karaoke bars in Koreatown. And Soop Sok Karaoke is one of the best choices. With almost a dozen rooms, which can fit 30 guests, you’re in for a good time when you head to this establishment. From high-tech microphones to a vast library of songs in multiple languages and a delightful bar menu, you can easily spend one of the most fun evenings of your life here.

3. Experience the greatest night out at the Gaam Lounge & Restaurant

Karaoke bars and lounges are quite popular in Koreatown, and after some fun hours at the K-pop karaoke bar nearby, Gaam is one of the best spots to hang out with friends when you’re in for a late night. It’s not just the comfort of the night lounge that draws people here, but the attached restaurant, which serves delicious food, is quite popular as well.

Restaurants in Koreatown, LA

1. Indulge in some sizzling Korean BBQ dishes at Park’s BBQ

Spent some time daydreaming about Korean BBQ as you watch your fave K-Drama? Korean BBQ looks magical even through the screen. But at Park’s BBQ, you get to indulge in these delicious treats. It’s one of the many restaurants in Koreatown, LA that give you an authentic Korean cuisine experience. However, here, the BBQ is in the limelight. Move away from kimchi and ramyun, it’s time for BBQ to shine.

2. Learn all about Korean comfort foods at the Hyesung Noodle House

Korean knife-cut noodle soup, known as kalguksoo, is popular Korean comfort food. The Hyesung Noodle House was started not only to help people discover this delicious dish but also to serve those who missed authentic Korean flavors. With the noodles hand-made every day, you’ll always remember munching on this delight in LA.

3. Try out the delicious Cassell’s Hamburgers

What started as a lunch corner store six decades ago has now become a mainstay of Koreatown. Although hamburgers aren’t the first thing to come to mind when thinking of Korean food, Cassell’s Hamburger has attained much-deserved popularity over the years thanks to its classic style and retro décor, which make it a trendy place to grab a meal.

4. Visit Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong to see what the hype’s all about


If you were to ask Koreatown residents which place serves up the best Korean BBQ dishes, you’ll know all about Kang Ho Dong Baekjong. Ever since it opened its doors, it has been known as one of the most popular restaurants in Koreatown to serve up authentic Korean BBQ dishes. But is it really the best for Korean BBQ? You’ll just have to visit and find out! Be patient, though, as the wait can be quite long.

Shopping Centers in Koreatown, LA

1. Satisfy your shopping needs at the Koreatown Plaza

Shop to your heart’s content at the Koreatown Plaza, where you can find a vast variety of shops, including that standard in Korean malls. Visiting this Asian-style shopping plaza is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Koreatown, LA as you can not only stock up on trinkets but also grab a delicious lunch at the food court. The Koreatown Plaza is a popular hangout spot for those who live in the area.

2. Chapman Market, your friendly neighborhood drive-in grocery store

From floral shops, cafes, salons, and restaurants, you can find everything you need at the Chapman Market. Often referred to as the world’s first drive-in grocery store, this is a historic building with Spanish Revival-style architecture. Covering about 50,000 sq. ft, you’ll find some of the most famous restaurants in Koreatown right here!

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