With fun restaurants, parks, a weekly farmer’s market, and more, you won’t be running out of things to do in Northridge, LA, anytime soon. There are plenty of Northridge attractions that will keep you entertained for several weekends. If you’re new to the neighborhood and want to know whether you’re in for exciting weekends, check out Roomi’s guide on all that there is to do in this neighborhood.

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Outdoors in Northridge, LA

1. Marvel at the beauty of the Botanic Garden

Bask in the peaceful environment of the CSUN Botanic Garden within the California State University of Northridge campus. It is one of the best Northridge attractions, which had opened its doors in 1959. Occupying 1.5 acres, this beautiful botanical garden features nurseries, greenhouses, and over 1200 plants from different climates.

2. An unforgettable starry night at the Donald E. Bianchi Planetarium

California State University’s Physics and Astronomy department runs the Donald E. Bianchi Planetarium. Visiting this attraction during one of the star shows is one of the best things to do in Northridge, LA. During each month, you can head to the small theatre within the planetarium, where a small projector is used to recreate the night sky. The experience is educational, where you get to see over 2,000 stars and planets, along with a mesmerizing view of a starry night, albeit a digital one.

3. Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Lake Balboa Park

If you can visit Lake Balboa Park during spring, you’ll have a chance to marvel at the cherry blossoms in full bloom, which has to be one of the best things to do in Northridge, LA. Though the park is only a short drive away from the city, the quiet ambiance will make you think otherwise. Of course, you can’t miss out on boating on the lake, which is the focus of this Northridge attraction.

4. Plan a picnic at Dearborn Park

What could be a better way to spend a breezy summer day than to have a picnic outside? When you’re looking for some fresh air, head to the Dearborn Park. You’ll be surrounded by greenery and a peaceful ambiance which makes for a perfect day at the park. Want to jog or stay active but aren’t sure where to go? Dearborn Park it is!

5. Enjoy a relaxing day at Vanalden Park

When the chaos of the city is too much to handle, head to Vanalden Park for a peaceful day. Though it is an urban park and located close to the city, the moment you step into the park, you will feel that you’ve stepped into a different world, without any of the noise and a serene atmosphere. From participating in outdoor activities to planning a picnic for one, Vanalden Park is the perfect hideout spot.

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Sports in Northridge, LA

1. Test out your swings at the Porter Valley Country Club

The Porter Valley Country Club is an 18-hole course, which is suitable for beginners and experienced players. Surrounded by the beautiful Santa Susana Mountains, the club also features some of the best-tasting food offered by restaurants in Northridge.

2. Cool-off at the Northridge Recreational Center

What could be better than heading to the pool on a hot summer day? Head to the Northridge Recreational Center and spend some time in the pool. In case you aren’t in the mood for a swim, you will also find a field and picnic tables to help you enjoy your day out.

3. Head to the MonkeySports batting cage

Practice your swings at the MonkeySports batting cage, and live out your dreams of being the next Babe Ruth. When you have plenty of time, you’ll also be able to grab some gear while you’re here and have a chat with the instructors who can help you perfect your swing.

Museums in Northridge, LA

1. Participate in a walking tour of the Museum of the San Fernando Valley

A place to help educate visitors and residents alike about the history of the San Fernando Valley, this museum has helped preserve photos, artifacts, and more. Here, you can participate in walking tours where you get to explore the exhibits and learn more about the region’s history and culture.

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Culture in Northridge, LA

1. Head to the Enchanted Escape Room

Enjoy racing against the clock? Visit the Enchanted Escape Room for an enchanting experience with friends where you can solve riddles and puzzles which will have you scratching your head. With several themed rooms, you can keep coming back for a brand-new experience every time.

2. Grab some treats at the weekly CSUN Farmer’s Market

On Tuesday mornings, you need to head to the CSUN campus to grab some treats and fresh produce from the CSUN farmer’s market. And, if you enjoy discovering new veggies to cook with this is probably one of the best things to do in Northridge. This weekly event is not only fun but helps you discover local food makers and produce that you may not have tried before.

3. Head to Dave & Buster’s for a drink, and more!

A sports-style bar that offers great American food and arcade games under one roof? Who’d want to miss out on Dave & Buster’s after that delightful description? From enjoying some margaritas to playing some old-school arcade games, you’re in for an exciting time.

4. Catch a performance at the Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts

With 50 performances each season, the Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts (renamed “The Soraya”) is nothing short of a successful venue located on the CSUN campus. Often referred to as the cultural jewel of LA, here, you can catch live music shows, dance performances, and more. Though most shows are by local LA artists, there are some who come here from across the globe. With 1700 seats and plenty of concession stand around, visiting this performing arts center makes for an exciting evening.

Restaurants & Pubs in Northridge, LA

1. Get your hands on some craft beer at Cellador Ales

One of the few breweries that use the oak-barrel fermenting technique, Cellador Ale has been serving delicious craft beers since 2014. Here, you can try beer such as Confuzzled, Caute, and Walden, which are made using locally sourced ingredients.

2. Try authentic Argentinian cuisine at the Buenos Aires Grill

One of the rare restaurants in Northridge serving authentic Argentinian food since 1989, Buenos Aires Grill will make you forget that you’re still in Northridge. With a cozy ambiance and plethora of food items on the menu, you wouldn’t want to leave this place any time soon. Of course, the great selection of wine also helps the case.

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