The coldest months of the year are approaching and Christmas is just around the corner! With fall ending and everyone around you bundling up in layers, you’ve probably got your own winter preparations in mind. However, if you’re moving to LA this winter, your preparation will be a little different from others in the country. Why’s that? Well, read on for seven things you should know about winter in Los Angeles.

1. The Los Angeles Winter Weather

The Los Angeles weather overall is uncharacteristically warm because of its sub-tropical climatic conditions. What does that mean for you? If you were moving to LA in the summer, you might’ve had to deal with super-hot temperatures sometimes touching 100°F. That, coupled with the sweat from moving boxes would’ve put you in a very sticky situation (literally)! But luckily for you, sub-tropical climate = mild winter in Los Angeles! Even December, which is the coldest month in Los Angeles, experiences an average low of about 48°F.

2. It Can Still Get Warm in Winter

The winter in Los Angeles lasts from December to March and although it’s usually kind of mild, it can also get very hot because of the Santa Ana wind. Bringing in hot, dry weather, the Los Angeles weather can even go as high as 86°F on the days that this wind blows over the city. Be careful if you live near wooded areas, because these hot winds have been known to trigger fires.

3. LA Can Be Crowded in Winter

Because of the mild climate experienced in winter in Los Angeles, it’s a top destination for tourists from all over the world! You can expect thronging crowds in all parts of the city, but more so in particular areas that have tourist attractions set up. We’ll explore these attractions some more later in the blog – there’s something for everyone!

4. Preparation For Every Weather is Key

Even though the weather is generally mild and sunny, you can experience some bouts of terrible weather. And by this, we mean heavy rains that could dampen whatever plans you had that day. A coat to keep you warm and dry, and a cup of something hot, should be enough to get you through!

5. There are Plenty of Activities On Offer in Winter in Los Angeles

Moving to the city just before winter in Los Angeles? You’re in luck! Winter is a perfect time to get outdoors and explore the city.

Here are a few things to do while you enjoy the Los Angeles winter weather:

  • Hike up to Hollywood: What better way to enjoy the lovely weather than by going on a hike up to the Hollywood Hills? Winter is off season for hikers, so you’ll enjoy a relatively uncrowded trail! The view of the landscape from the top, especially during sunsets, is something to definitely watch out for.
  • Visit theme parks: There are three major theme parks you can enjoy during the winter season. If you’re travelling with a family, you’ve got Disneyland. If you’re the adventurous type, then Six Flags Magic Mountain has a whole bunch of rides for you! And lastly, if you’re in the city of Hollywood, you should definitely go to Universal Studios for the movie-themed rides. Keep in mind that Thanksgiving and Christmas can get busy, but if you can deal with crowds, you’ll get a special treat alongside that fuzzy, holiday feeling!
  • Visit the zoo: The Los Angeles Zoo is one that is renowned all over the world. For three months every year, from November to January, you can experience a magical winter at the zoo. Decorated all Christmassy with lights and animal sculptures, it’s definitely a treat for the senses! The coldest month in Los Angeles will be just a little cozier when you’re surrounded by families and the warmth of the festive spirit!

6. Places You Can Visit In Los Angeles

Just because it’s going to be mild-weathered during winter, doesn’t mean you can’t visit places around LA to enjoy the holiday spirit! Here’s a short list of places you can hit up:

  • Pinos – Mount Pinos gets several inches of snow every year and is ideal for you if you enjoy snowshoeing and skiing.
  • Snow Valley Mountain Resort – About an hour away from LA, this resort is a top skiing destination. Less explored than other popular spots, you can enjoy a variety of ski slopes.
  • Palm Springs – Even during the hot winds of winter, Palm Springs makes a great getaway if you want mild hiking weather. You can also go camping, hiking or fishing!
  • Los Angeles Beaches – Beaches are a hot destination during the summer months but they’re perfect for a quiet escape during winter. With few tourists and locals, you can take full advantage of the space!
  • Descanso Gardens – Visit these beautiful gardens for a unique light display during Christmas! You’ll also be closer to nature and may sight some lovely birds and mammals.

7. Renting in LA in Winter

Now that you’ve got all the details on winter in Los Angeles, you’re hopefully more confident about renting in LA before the winter sets in! If all of these attractions aren’t enough to convince you, what about the rent in LA? You’ll get the lowest rates for one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments between November-January. They start increasing as the month’s progress, peaking in June. With LA’s glorious weather to welcome you, moving at the beginning of winter could be the start of your own magical story in the city!

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