There is, without a doubt, something magical about experiencing living in New York City. And living alone in NYC, with so many sounds, lights, and opinions surrounding you at all hours of the day and night, solitude can become a saving grace. However, being alone in the city can make the experience one dimensional. It takes very little time alone in the concrete jungle, to discover the woes of living alone in NYC are undeniable.

Living alone in NYC and the loneliness that comes with it can affect mental health

In a city that prides itself on independence, lonely New Yorkers may be cutting years off their life. Studies show loneliness to reduce lifespan. It is socially, psychologically, and medically responsible to not live alone in NYC. Though you earn many rites of passage when living alone. Killing that first spider will give you heaps of self-pride when living in New York City alone. Soon that wears off, and you will be looking for ways to fill the void of not having someone nearby.

Loneliness and boredom are among the strongest of woes when living alone in the city, especially living in New York City. But missed advice can cause as much melancholy. Even with your start-up taking off, the endless e-mails, and Skype calls home, the woes of living alone in the city will creep up. No amount of busy can prevent the weird things you may do and places you may go. A roommate would’ve suggested avoiding that midtown “art club” -now you’re scarred by weird things you can’t unsee when living in NYC.

Your personality will also be affected

Besides all the strange that may occur, living alone will change your personality, and not always for the better. Getting used to doing things alone when living in NYC isn’t always a good thing. Humans are social creatures. While America is among the top when it comes to

Cultures that value independence and work ethic, we also rank higher among depressed young adults. It’s not entirely effective to get used to doing everything on your own living in NYC. It only takes one huge shopping trip, and a blown light fuse to appreciate the meaning of a “two-man-job”.

There are many ways to prove independence to yourself. Making your smartphone your only roommate is not among them when living in NYC. The woes of living alone in New York City can be damaging to your health. Avoid isolation and live longer! Roommates make the day a little tolerable, they will listen to your silly complaints, but most importantly they are a constant (at times obnoxious) reminder that you’re not alone. And this is and this is an undeniable necessity to being an happy, healthy, high functioning adult.

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