Looking for a roommate online can be intimidating. There’s only so much that you can know without meeting a person, right? But you know what can be a great first step? A well-written bio!

Your bio is where you can introduce yourself and highlight all the qualities that make you a good roommate. Your potential roommate will get their first impression of you with this bio! So it is quite important to get it right if you hope to start living with a roommate.

In this blog, we will look at how you can find the ideal roommate with some roommate bio examples and tips!

Things to Remember When Writing Your Roommate Bio

As we said, the bio is the first impression in roommate finding apps including Roomi and Facebook groups. Every small detail can make a difference. A vague bio can lead to you finding an incompatible roommate.

So, here are three tips that you must follow while writing your roommate bio.

  • Be honest: Hunting for a roommate is serious business. This is no time to make jokes or be mysterious. Express everything that can make a difference to a person living with you.
  • Think practically: Consider the basics such as work location, your budget for rent, your food habits, and if you have any pets while writing your bio. On the other hand, you may not need to mention if you love Taylor Swift or Charlie Puth because it won’t really affect your apartment life.
  • Try to answer all the questions: Surely, you must have a ton of questions when you are picking a roommate. List them all down and then think about what questions your roommate might ask you. Here are some questions to consider.
  1. When are you moving in?
  2. Do you want a single bedroom or you are willing to share? Do you need a private bathroom?
  3. What is your budget including rent, food, and house maintenance?
  4. What work do you do and what is your schedule? Are you okay with implementing roommate rules?
  5. Do you host a lot of parties? If so, how many people do you generally invite?
  6. What are your hobbies? How do you spend the weekends?
  7. What are your standards for cleanliness? How often do you clean your room?
  8. Do you smoke or drink? If so, how frequently?
  9. What are you looking for in a roommate?

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Here are 3 Roommate Bio Examples to Help You Get Started!

In this section, we will look at some roommate bio examples. We will discuss what makes them good and what can be improved further.

Hola! This is Maddy from Wisconsin and I am looking to move to San Francisco to study biotechnology at the University of San Francisco.

To know a little bit about me- I love splurging on french fries, concerts (my favs are Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Andy Grammar, and Billie Eilish!) I am mostly hanging out with friends in cafes or watching any crime-related shows on Netflix. I like making short films and videos when I find the time and I love exploring museums. I am looking for a friendly, social, and kind roommate to explore the city with!

Hit me up if you think we can vibe together.

  • This is a cool bio with all the personal details and Maddy seems to be a fun-loving soul. However, there is some important info missing. For example, there is no mention of a budget or preferred neighborhood.
  • Despite the personal details, there is no mention of their regular schedule or whether they drink or smoke. We don’t know what a regular day looks like for Maddy.
  • There is no mention of cleanliness, hygiene, or household chores. As of now, it looks like Maddy will stay out entirely and barely participate in any apartment responsibilities.

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Hey! I am Elisa from Florida and I am looking to move to Brooklyn this summer. I am quite a social and extroverted person who loves meeting new people and having great conversations. I love listening to music and cooking (but don’t worry, you won’t have to bear through my soundtracks every evening)!

I am more of an outdoor-loving person so I may not be home a lot. I like hanging out with friends and traveling to different places whenever I find the chance. I am very excited about exploring all the food joints of Brooklyn so you won’t have to worry about hitting the wrong place.

My budget would be around $1200 for housing and I would love to share the apartment with a fun-loving person who is cool with smoking and drinking once or twice a week.

  • This is a fun-loving and honest roommate bio example that is easy to follow. Elisa has expressed a lot of personal interests, hobbies, and personal habits. Seems like an easy-going person who is generally friendly and kind.
  • However, it could be better if there were details about the preferred neighborhood as Brooklyn is a large borough.
  • It would also be great if there were details about cleanliness and hygiene standards.

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Hey guys! This is Sam and I recently moved to New York City. I am here to be enrolled in Columbia University to study Visual Arts and I am extremely excited. I am looking to move to Manhattan, preferably in the Upper West Side or Harlem to ease my commute to campus. My budget would be around $1000 for housing.

Apart from the fact that I am super into arts and culture, you should know that I am especially hygiene conscious. Cleaning is a part of my daily routine and I would expect to see a decluttered bathroom and kitchen every morning.

I also love doing yoga every morning as part of my workout routine. I am quite a homebody and I love spending time in my shell, reading, or watching something cool on Netflix in my free time. On that note, I would prefer to have a room of my own. You won’t see me going out a lot unless there is a stunning production in the theatre. As such, I would also expect a roommate who doesn’t invite too many guests. No issues with smoking or drinking or dogs!

  • This is a more detailed roommate bio example that is very useful. This mentions almost every nuance that a potential roommate would want to know including personal habits and general routine. One thing that Sam misses out on is if they are okay with hosting parties once in a while. However, the tone of the bio does express a private and introverted personality.

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Find the Ideal Roommate with Roomi

We hope these roommate bio examples have sparked some great ideas. Finding a roommate may take time but Roomi can help simplify the process. It is the best apartment and roommate finder for any city!

It gives you a safe and secure platform where you can connect with background-verified people. You can find students, young professionals, and other people of similar interests to connect with easily. Additionally, you can reach out and talk to potential roommates and plan a meeting to clarify any unanswered questions.

Make your profile today with an awesome bio on Roomi and get ready to find the best roommate to share your apartment with.