Whether you’re moving to a new city or you’re begrudgingly vacating your much-loved apartment. Maybe it’s your bestie/roomi moving in with their partner (boo hoo)! The time has come for you to move into a new place. Oh, how exciting it is to buy new bedsheets and cute pots for your bedside table that you probably don’t need…  Sure, you’ve got all of that *important stuff* covered, but have you decided what your next steps are? If you’re currently debating living with roommates or living alone, allow Roomi to intervene.

We’re here to give you some much-needed guidance on what to consider when it comes to living with roommates or going out into the big wide world alone.

The benefits of living with roommates

1. Living with roommates = save tons of money?

Sometimes it just isn’t financially doable to be living alone. Consider all – what your outgoing expenses will be, and whether living alone is worth the extra cost. From your gym membership to trying out new restaurants and making the most of happy hour at your local karaoke bar. Living on your own could seriously limit your spendings on activities you’d love to explore! It’s undeniable and by far the biggest benefit of living with roommates. Not to mention the money you’ll save by sharing utility bills and other expenses like the internet bill.

2. You can socialize with new people ?

Moving to a new city or even a street away from your current place? Living alone can sometimes feel a little lonely. However, living with roommates gives you the opportunity to socialize and meet a new network of friends. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time together, having a familiar face around is always uplifting. Especially after a bad day! Plus, you might even find someone that loves watching reruns of Friends just as much as you do… and that’ll score them some brownie points, right?

3. You’ll get a helping hand ??

When it comes to living with roommates, you’re basically gaining an extra helping hand! Yes, for the day to day life admin. You’ll be able to split responsibilities in terms of covering bills and sharing household errands. Better yet, if your roommate is heading to the grocery store after you, they’ll be able to pick up that box of cookies that you haven’t been able to stop thinking about since you last ate. Ah, the power of small wins!

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The benefits of living alone

1. Privacy and freedom ?

If meeting new people sounds like your idea of hell, we’re going to take a wild guess and say that living with roommates probably isn’t for you! Living alone gives you a whole new level of privacy and freedom to do what you want – whenever you want. From having guests over for dinner to waking up early and blasting your favorite tunes as you work out, your living room is your oyster when you live alone! Remember that in general, we’re built for human and social interaction, so while you might enjoy the odd day to yourself right now, when you’re living alone you could feel completely different.

2. Avoid conflicts?

Though living with roommates can be one of the most rewarding experiences that you’ll get out of life, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. When you live alone, you won’t have to worry about your roommate paying their rent late or waking you up at 2am with their awful David Guetta records (no judgement). Living alone is the only way you’ll be able to avoid conflicts like this, so it’s definitely something to think about.

Before you decide what to do, we recommend writing up a good old fashion pros and cons list. Figure out what makes sense for you and your current lifestyle, and make a decision that you know you’re going to be happy with. Good luck!

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