From a record-setting number of wildfires, to shocking revelations about racism (that had been largely swept under the rug) and the loss, devastation and financial stress caused by COVID-19. It became clear that we needed to help people – wherever and whenever we could. Let’s shine some of the best charities that made an impact.

Who was making the biggest impact? Who did people want to send their money to?

1. Direct Relief

This charity made an impact in routing donated medicines and supplies in the United States and across 140 countries. It received a 100% charitable commitment rating (charitable services as percent of total expenses).

In conclusion, Direct Relief is on a mission to improve the health of people all over the world.

2. Feeding America 

Feeding America, the nation’s leading hunger charity, with 200-strong network of food banks and food rescue organizations. With millions of children and adults in America going hungry everyday, they work to get nourishment to the people that need it.
As of yet, They have been fighting hunger for over 40 years, but has responded to an increasing demand for food banks in 2020, due to the surge in COVID cases. During the holidays last year, they reported that 80% of food banks were serving more people than at the same time the previous year.

3. Crisis Text Line

Crisis Text Line offers exactly that – it’s 24/7 support for people in the US that need to talk to a crisis counselor. People who’re suffering from Anxiety and Depression can simply text 741741 to get connected to a professional counselor.

With the coronavirus bringing a new strain of anxiety, more and more Americans need access to secure help. For Instance, Crisis Text Line found that single people reported higher rates of anxiety, and those aged 18+ were struggling more than children.

4. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

With COVID casualties taking over hospitals, more cancer sufferers have not been getting access to the care they need. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the highest-rated breast cancer charity that made an impact in the United States. Moreover, They’re committed to advancing research in order to prevent and cure breast cancer.
Quality Research is needed, when there are questions surrounding COVID-19 and breast cancer.

5. Movement for Black Lives

A network of over 100 organizations that each focus on a range of aspects related to the civil rights and justice reform movement. M4BL runs regular campaigns, virtual events and information about Mutual Aid Resources for black people in America. Above all, They’re working towards “transformation and a realignment of power”.

Of course, there are so many other organizations out there that deserve our support! Do your research and find a cause close to your heart – your help could have an amazing impact on somebody’s life.

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