It’s that time of the year again, where all the boo-zers meet in funky, spooky, and funny costumes to drink until the morning. This year, Halloween tradition has been disturbed like the rest of our plans. However, you could keep the holiday spirit up by carefully celebrating it with close friends (with all precautions, of course) and your roomis. Here are our favorite Halloween cocktails that will help beat the 2020 blues to a pulp. * Sluuurppp *

1. Boozy Screamsicle Shakes

If you like tasty and boozy cocktails, you will love these boozy Screamsicle shakes. Made with icy orange sherbert, vanilla vodka and topped with Oreos and whipped cream, you will devour these in seconds. Go easy, though, because these yummylicious cocktails are quite potent.

Get the recipe here!

2. Color changing Margaritas

Oooh, magical and fun! These color-changing Margaritas are super easy and quick to make, especially if you’re short on time. The secret ingredient in this recipe is cabbage. Yep, that’s what makes this drink truly exceptional and magical.

PS. the cabbage lends no taste to the drink 😛

Get the recipe here!

3. Jekyll & Gin

Raise your hand if you love gin cocktails. We love gin, and this cocktail brings a Halloween twist to the Gin Daisy cocktail. The best part about this cocktail is that it looks coral in daylight but white and glowy under a black light – hence the name.

Get the recipe here!

4. Sweet Poison Cocktail

All the way from the mixologists at Jekyll and Hyde Club in New York! These drinks will definitely impress your audience. Made with coconut rum, blue Curacao, and pineapples, this beauty is a sight to behold. Get your party started with these drinks. Get the recipe here!

5. Magic Margaritas

Call ’em spooky or call ’em eerie, these drinks will possess you either way. Magic Margaritas are a classy Halloween upgrade to our beloved traditional Margaritas!

Get the recipe here!

6. Witch’s Heart

Nothing spells Halloween better than this artistic and enchanting cocktail – The Witch’s Heart. Shimmery with a cloud of witchy mysterious, are you brave enough to try the witch’s heart? No, seriously, this drink comes with an instruction and needs some careful mixology and consumption guidelines for you and your guests. It is the witch’s heart, after all.

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Caution: This cocktail contains dry ice, which mustn’t be swallowed or ingested under any circumstances. Always use gloves when handling dry ice. Wait until dry ice has completely evaporated before sipping it.

7. Purple people eater cocktail

The perfect Halloween drink, the Purple People Eater cocktail will probably devour you before you consume it. The hues of this drink will give you an insane Instagram following in a day – post it and drink it before this monstrous drink eats you up. Get the recipe here!

8. Cherry Eyeball Punch

Super easy and delicious punch, your guests will be coming for seconds.

Here’s the recipe:

Drain 2 (15-oz.) cans lychees, reserving 1 ½ cups of syrup.

Carefully stuff blackberries (from a 6-oz. container) in each lychee; chill. Stir together reserved syrup, 4 cups tart cherry juice, and 1 cup fresh orange juice in a large pitcher; chill.

Add stuffed lychees and 3 (12-oz.) cans of chilled sparkling water to punch.

Serve over ice. Makes 12 servings

Stir 1 ½ cups vodka or light rum into the punch.

9. Death in the Afternoon

These cocktails might start in the afternoon but go on late until the end of the party. A kickass combination of champagne and absinthe, get ready to get high as a kite!

10. Vampirita Party Punch

We love a good party punch and this easy fruity party punch will be the talk of the party. Super delicious and easy to whip up. Get the recipe here!