It’s inevitable that in your ‘adult’ life you’re going to buy useless things you don’t need. Things you waste money on and then never use again. Completely unnecessary things you think you need to buy in the moment, but forget about even before they arrive. These tips can guarantee you make a lot fewer of these purchases, to keep those dollars in check.

In the long run, it’s about being honest with yourself about what you really need versus what just looks good in the store/your best friend’s place/that Instagram grid. One thing we can all admit: we all have gone a little crazy with the online shopping this year!

1. the most unnecessary gym equipment you think you need to buy

With the quarantine and work from home being the new normal, a lot of us at the beginning got really enthusiastic about our fitness goals. And for the rare ones that actually did utilize their gym memberships prior to the pandemic, they now feel the need to recreate their entire gym experience at home.

Getting basic things like a good quality yoga mat, comfortable clothes to work out in and a decent pair of shoes is okay, but feeling the need to have the machinery for all the fancy things you saw on your favorite fitness blogger’s Instagram account is way too much. It is unnecessary equipment that you don’t need to buy!

For the average person, there are various effective workouts that you can do at home using just a mat, a chair, a wall, and your own body weight. There are also plenty of awesome YouTube channels that you can watch for free, that go over all kinds of home workout routines that cater to whatever goals or needs you might have.

So, don’t invest in any fancy gym equipment. Because, believe us, in a couple of years, you will look at the same fancy equipment and wonder how you ended buying such useless things you don’t need!

2. Highly specific ingredients for food

This one’s for all the home chefs. How much time have you spent searching for unnecessary ingredients you think you need to buy in order to make your dish perfect? If you’re someone who has gotten into looking up recipes online, you know what we’re talking about. You’ve probably come across recipes that call for very specific items that you’ll only use for that one dish. And if you’re new to cooking, it’s natural to feel the need to buy that exact item for the exciting new recipe. But most of these specific ingredients will end up being one of the useless things you don’t need in your pantry.

But if you commit yourself to have a basic familiarity with different ingredients, flavors, and textures, you will find that you can in fact substitute this very specific item or even sometimes go without it. Don’t let a one-time use ingredient be one of the things you waste money on!

3. New/perfectly matching furniture

It’s easy to feel like your pride is wrapped up in having new things in your house. Or have everything match perfectly so that you feel like a fancy adult. It’s so easy to lust after that beautiful set of matching glass set or kitchenware. But, remember, there are also so many pretty things to be found in other places! Your local thrift stores, Goodwill, or even in neighborhood-specific Facebook groups will have some beautiful gems hidden in them! Don’t pay exorbitant amount of money on unnecessary furniture just because you think need to buy a matching set.

Of course, there are some furniture items that you want to be a little cautious buying secondhand. For example, anything with fabric can be dicey at a thrift store. It’s also really important that you not associate brand new with ‘yours’. Because something can be just as meaningful even if it’s third or fourth hand from a yard sale! Expensive furniture doesn’t have to be one of the things you waste money on!

But all things said and done, remember to not beat yourself up over every little financial decision. The point is to think hard about what is really worth to you. And then avoid buying pointless things because our brain loves shiny, new things!

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