Well, what a bummer summer has been so far; one bad news after the other. It’s only natural to feel sad and frustrated when you’re in quarantine. We’re all sitting on our couches, out of things we can do at home. Many of us are working from home, and most of us are just Netflix-ing and vegetating.

So, while the world takes its time to heal, here’s what you can do with all that free time you have.

Try your hand at some art therapy as you quarantine.

Everybody can draw. Yes, even you! Coloring, drawing, and sketching are said to relieve stress, improve focus, and enhance sleep. If you’re a beginner, try mandala patterns or adult coloring books – it’s all bout having fun and creating something unique.

Getting baked is one of our favorite things to do at home

There is literally nothing to not like about baking – it’s hot, flavorful, and instantly gratifying. Stop smirking kiddo, we are talking cookies, donuts, pies, cakes, and bread – the list is endless!

Flex your green thumb this quarantine

Does the idea of starting your own kitchen garden excite you? Green thumb or not, here are some really cool hacks by Tasty to help you grow ’em even in a small space.

Aprender un nuevo lenguaje ?

That means ‘learn a new language’ (in Spanish). Quarantine has given us a lot of time to explore new hobbies, interests and cross off a lot from our bucket list. If learning a new language is on your list then dive in with cool language learning courses with Duolingo or Babbel

Train your dog a couple of quarantine tricks

Honestly, our dogs are the only ones who are super happy about this whole COVID 19 quarantine – how else could they possibly spend sooo much quality time with you? Having said that, they too get bored, and all that boredom leads to chewed up bedsides, earphones, and finding shredded toilet paper trail around your house. You can not only train them to get beer cans from the fridge but also correct essential behavioral problems while bonding at home with your doggo.

Give back through some online volunteering during such trying times.

Do you wish to do social work and help organizations reach out to humans/animals in distress? With the COVID 19 virus keeping all of us inside our homes, it might seem challenging to volunteer. However, there are organizations like the UN, Zooniverse, Togean Conserve Foundation who are running virtual volunteer programs(how cool is that!) and are looking for good peeps like yourself. Join them today and spread love and compassion.

Do it yourself! DIY is a gift for those of us stuck at home.

Think you don’t like DIY? Think again. With all the creative possibilities available to us, there’s gotta be something out there you can build. Either way, it’s time you harness all that hidden talent and put it to good use. Go grab your glue gun, scissors, and everything DIYish you can lay your hands on because today we are making something super pretty for your room and for the gram.

Read a book or twelve as you quarantine.

Are you an avid reader or an avid book collector (don’t try to lie to us, your bookshelf is a playground for dust bunnies.)

Anywho, Lo and behold an opportunity for all of you who complained about not having enough time to read – this quarantine and lockdown has just sent us back home to get our sshhh… together, rethink life, and to read good books!

Good game! Well played.

Meet the happiest section of the society; the people least affected by quarantine – The Gamers! Gaming is literally the cheapest ticket to another portal.

Here you have unlimited lives and death doesn’t matter(unless you forgot to save your game, then you’re screwed), you have a great bod, you can control your life, and you can go anywhere you want(Nepal or the underground – the world is your playground). Try steam and let off some steam.

Be a superhero!

Ok, yes, we know it sucks to be at home in quarantine, but remember that you’re a real-life HERO! You’re not only protecting yourself but millions around you by staying home during this challenging time of Corona induced quarantine.

Your cape is invisible, but your superpowers…are next-level gooood!

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