Halloween is an exciting time of the year for all of us! It kind of marks the beginning of the holiday season, which means fun Halloween decorations for your home, amazing food and time to connect with friends and family. 2020 has been a spooky year and unfortunately continues to be so. For all of those who are still on a lookout for a perfect Halloween costume (and decoration, for that matter), you could use 2020 as your theme (jus sayin’).

Don’t be morbid just yet; there are still plenty of fun ways to celebrate Halloween even in 2020. So, if you’re someone who loves decorating for Halloween, but hate those tacky, noisy and flashy decor items, our list will get your nifty hands working to make the following minimalistic and classy DIY Halloween decorations.

1. Halloween decorations with pumpkins!

These super easy paper pumpkins will give real pumpkins a run for their money. Literally made with items easily accessible at home, and the result is so chic and charming.

2. DIY Halloween decorations for fall!

Wreaths add a gorgeous rustic charm to any space. Simple yet so sophisticated! You could hang these on your door for the holiday season and then use them as wall decor for the rest of the year – a wreath is always in fashion. Get inspired!

Rustic Wild Berry Wreath

DIY Burlap Sunflower Wreath

DIY Wildflower Fall Wreath

3. Spooky Halloween decorations!

This is a cheap Halloween decoration idea, but it can spook up any room effortlessly. Simple, easy and minimalistic!

5. Adam’s family Halloween decorations!

We wouldn’t have it any other way; this is the only way to set your dinner table for Halloween. Pssst, this is also a costume hint for those of you who can’t decide what to be this Halloween.

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6. Halloween decorations with spider webs

A house without spider webs for Halloween is a house without the Halloween spirit. Get your spirits up with this easy yarn weave!

7. Spooky hand wash

Make washing your hands a spooky affair. Grab your fave tiny Halloween items and add it to your liquid soap dispenser. Get the tutorial at Little Bins For Little Hands.

8. Nailed it!

This DIY is simple, moody and adds the right amount of spookiness without being an expensive affair. We totally dig this one!

9. Vibe check!

Let’s do a quick vibe check with these minimalistic and sophisticated decor ideas that you will instantly fall in love with. Check it out here at My Style Vita.

10. Clipboard wall art

This one is a great decor hack that you can change with seasons and even with your mood. Just print some of your favourites and hang these up. Here’s the tutorial to get you started!

11. Floating Witch’s Hat Luminaries 

These floating witch hats add a whimsical touch to the Halloween decorations in your home. Subtle but heavy on ’em Harry Potter vibes. This decor will do Professor Flitwick proud. Make your own using this tutorial by Polka Dot Chair.

12. Creepy eyeballs

This Halloween decoration is an eye grabber and a perfect DIY weekend therapy for all those who love to paint. Get started here!

13. Cover your furniture with plain white bedsheet

This is one of the easiest Halloween decorations in this entire list. Grab all your white bedsheets and throw them over your furniture for a simplistic, zero effort Halloween look.

14. Zero waste ideas

This one goes out for all of you who love the environment just as much as we do. Check out some simple and easy zero-waste decor ideas.

15. Potion master

We love some good vintage apothecary bottles as decor, but honestly, the good ones are always a little expensive. Try this hack to make your potion and poison bottles at home for a super low price.

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