If you’re like us, you’re probably dreaming of traveling all the time but to no avail. So, if you’re putting all that dreaming energy into looking at travel pictures on Instagram, we have an alternative for you- nature documentaries! We’ve compiled for you a list of the best wildlife documentaries out there! These amazing animal documentaries will help you vicariously travel when you miss the great outdoors.

Some movies will make you laugh, some will make you cry, but all of them are sure to immerse you in the beauty of our planet while you stay at home. You might be bored in the house right now, but we’ve got faith that we’ll be able to explore Planet Earth again very soon!

1. Planet Earth, 2006

There’s no better way to feel the oneness of nature than watching the many wonders of our world. Awe-inspiring landscapes ranging from majestic mountains to waterways, deserts, and ice-covered worlds, along with a glimpse into the behavior of rare animals in their natural habitat, this nature documentary will take you to the deep corners of the Earth. Put this on, sit on your couch, and enjoy the incredible footage of our planet set to the serene voice of Sir David Attenborough. Give it a go, it’s one of the most beautiful nature documentaries out there!

2. Rivers & Tides, 2001

When everything around us seems to be falling apart, a great way to cope is to resort to the mysteries and beauty of transience. Rivers and Tides – a documentary on the life and work of land artist, Andy Goldsworthy – paints the most beautiful picture of impermanence.

The director, Thomas Riedelsheimer follows Goldsworthy around in the wilderness as he creates magical outdoor sculptures and artworks using natural materials such as mud, wood, ice, stone, petals, twigs, and branches. The ephemeral nature of the art he creates is evident in the way it interacts with the environment and will give you a much-needed dose of nature.

3. Jane, 2017

This list of the best nature and wildlife documentaries wouldn’t be complete without Jane Goodall. If you’re ready for an adventure that fascinates you- this one’s for you. This is one of those animal documentaries that makes you fall in love with the world around you. Because, trust us, you will be sobbing while watching the credit reel.

So, embark on a beautiful adventure with Jane Goodall as she lives with and studies apes in Tanzania. It’s a love story between Jane and apes on the one hand and with her cameraman husband, Hugo van Lawick, on the other hand. This film has all the feels you need! You need to watch this, it’s one of the best wildlife documentaries in the world!

4. Last Chance To See, 2009

This documentary is a follow up to a book and radio series written by Douglas Adams. You might know him as the Author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Actually, this nature documentary series can be considered the hitchhiker’s guide to planet Earth! Trust us, it’s one of the most engaging nature documentaries out there!

It chronicles the expeditions of Adams (played by Stephen Fry) and zoologist Mark Carwardine as they set forth on a mission to find some of the most endangered species around the world. So, if you’re craving for and daydreaming about your next adventure with your roomi, this one is for you!

5. Life, 2009

Animal documentaries don’t get better than this. So, as we adapt and change according to our dreadful current scenario, escape to the new normal. Take a look into the lives of the most bizarre and unusual behavior for survival around the world. Travel across all continents and habitats with this nature documentary that will refresh your perspective on change and life itself! It’s one of the best wildlife documentaries, don’t miss it!

6. Animals Are Beautiful People, 1974

This is one of the funniest nature documentaries out there and it’s brought to you by the directors of ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’. It’s a hilarious and perfect for the days when you need to let off some steam. So, get out that bottle of wine and watch animals while they get drunk on fermented fruit to deal with life in desert environments (much like our travel deprived minds). Man, animal documentaries sure are fascinating!

7. The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, 2009

This is one of the best nature documentaries out there. So, if you’re a fan of history and how things came to be, you need to indulge in this six-part history-come-travel documentary. The series traces the evolution of the beginning of national parks since the mid-1800s. From how they came to be to the people who saved them from destruction, this nature documentary, narrated by actors like Tom Hanks, Sam Waterston and Andy Garcia, will educate and delight you!

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