It’s the new year already! There’s much to love about leaving 2020 behind, but getting out and about is unfortunately not one of them. Especially with the new strain of the coronavirus coming out to play, most of us might be hesitant to step out and celebrate 2021 just yet.

So while making new year resolutions and small gatherings might make up most of our first few weeks of the pandemic edition of new year, you might be wondering what else we can do to get a feel of the outside world.

The simplest thing at our disposal for a time like this – fun virtual activities!

So if you’re scared to step out but want to do something new in the new year, there are a ton of fun virtual activities to explore.

Here’s a list of fun virtual activities to feel renewed and refreshed in 2021.

1. Take a virtual flight over New York’s landscape

We all look to the birds when we’re stuck on the ground, so what’s a better fun virtual activity than soaring high in the sky (virtually?)

Take a virtual helicopter ride around the New York skyline and enjoy the outside world through a bird’s eye view. Who knows? It might inspire you to pursue it for real once the world re opens!

And if you’re scared of heights and prefer trains over planes, you can virtually visit the Grand Central Terminal to build on your dreams of travel!

2. Visit virtual vineyards while sipping on real wine from the valleys

A New Year celebration without wine? Is that even a celebration though? So how can you enjoy wine-ing without whining about being alone if you can’t step out to a bar with friends?

Try this fun virtual activity! Virtual wine tasting experiences can make up for the lack of vacations in these troubling times. Simply sign up to get wine delivered to your doorstep while you virtually traverse vineyards.

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3. Escape the virtual activities rooms

It seems ironic to choose escaping a virtual room when you can’t escape your own real room because of the pandemic. But you can get a feel of breaking free, through virtual escape room experiences.

4. Take a virtual tour around the city

Whether you’ve just moved to New York, or have been living here all your life, we might all feel like tourists when the world reopens. So before that time comes, take some time to virtually tour the outsides of your apartment.

Whether it’s virtually touring NYC’s famous landmarks, or free museum virtual tours around the city like a visit to The Guggenheim or the MoMA, there are a number of fun virtual activities to choose from.

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5. Virtually visit national parks

The idea of going on a hike or visiting a national park might be daunting for most of us with the pandemic still looming. But doesn’t mean you can’t fill your mind with the beauty of nature sitting at home with this fun virtual activity.

Go on a virtual tour of the best national parks in America. And make sure you add the ones you love to your bucket list!

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6. Take a virtual tour of zoo cams

Stop watching cat videos on Instagram and look at more cool and exotic animals through the screen with this fun virtual activity! Take a virtual zoo trip through America and hang out with animals while you snuggle on the couch.

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7. Visit the NY Public Library

Love architecture and books? Then this fun virtual activity is for you! Virtually visit the NY Public Library and its beautiful architecture. Let historians serve as your personal audio guide as they unveil the history of this iconic space.

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