We’ve lost count of how many days it’s been since the dreaded ‘rona came around.

But let’s say it like this – it’s year 2 of corona and we’re still partially stuck indoors in our apartments. When we do go out, however, our mouths are shut in masks and we feel suffocated, still.

And if we happen to meet our friends and family, coming back to our apartment feels somehow worse, even if we co live with roomis.

Hello, coronavirus cabin fever!

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines cabin fever as extreme irritability and restlessness from living in isolation or a confined indoor area for a prolonged time.

We’ve all been feeling the symptoms of coronavirus cabin fever ever since the start of 2020. I think that’s a fair assumption.

To say the least, we’re sick of being in our apartments, and chances are, our apartments and roomis might have grown sick of us too.

Now while not everyone may feel the same symptoms or the same intensity of coronavirus cabin fever, it’s safe to assume that we’re all feeling it.

So here are some ways we’re dealing with the coronavirus cabin fever. Hoping you find solace in them too!

1. Learning to deal with isolation from the cosmonauts

So astronauts deal with self-isolation for life, don’t they? When they’re not isolated, they’re certainly practicing or training for it.

Even if they co-live with other astronauts, and are not completely isolated, being in a space machine must be far tougher than what we’re having to deal with. Think how they can’t even go out for a bike ride or a long walk in the park with the masks on.

So how do they do it?

As we learned from astronauts who spoke about isolation with the BBC, the first thing we need to do is accept our situation and get comfortable with it. The fact of the matter is there’s no running away from our apartments and we’re all stuck in this together.

So to learn how to deal with the coronavirus cabin fever, we need to stop wine-ing and whining, and completely accept our circumstances.

2. Make a schedule that keeps you busy and entertained

When we talk of being entertained, the first thought that might pop up in our brains is Netflix or other entertainment sites on the internet. Which is fine, but after a point of time, it might seem like these things are draining us out.

And they surely do! We lose track of time, we stop caring about our health and fitness, and the people we co-live with.And soon we become passive zombies looking for the next new distraction from the coronavirus cabin fever.

How will a schedule help?

But we should realize that if we are working from home with roomis in our apartments, we’re the lucky ones. And when you have luck on your side, it’s best to play our best game and get the best things out of our time.

And this would be possible only with a good schedule that includes taking care of our health and fitness.This includes a time to sleep and wake up, a time to work, and a time to play.

This will help the time pass easily without making us feel the dread of coronavirus cabin fever! So jot down all the things you wish to do in a day and make a schedule that supports those wishes.

3. Move your body

The most important thing to put in your schedule is a time and place in your home for health and fitness. Whether your health and fitness regime is supported by a home gym, or a dance routine, or Yoga, there are limitless benefits of moving your body every day.

The serotonin (the happy hormone) flowing through your veins would keep you happy, energized, and productive. Bonus: you’ll find yourself dealing with the coronavirus cabin fever better when you work out for health and fitness.

And since quarantine hit, we know we’ve been munching too much and thinking about health and fitness too less. So why not work out so you can fit into your old pair of jeans again?

4. Spend time with roomis

In times like these, the roomis you co-live with at your apartment are all you’ve got, whether you like it or not! So do the needful and carve out plans for some quality time with the roomis who co-live with you.

Bond with them overcooking, or drinking, or just lazing around and watching movies. Social interaction is of utmost importance, and we’re all feeling the lack of it. Yes, even the socially anxious among us!

What if there’s conflict?

And yes, since we’re all stuck indoors with the roomis we co-live with, there’s bound to be conflicts too! So anticipate the conflicts that you might have to face and how you would resolve them. Also try and be on your best behavior. It’s a stressful time, even for the annoying roomi in your shared apartment.

So make the roomis you co-live with feel loved as often as you can and they would surely return the favor to help deal with coronavirus cabin fever.

5. Pick up something new to learn

Now with our time alone at home, there are bound to be times when we’re tired of spending time and doing things with the roomis. So while you hibernate in your room, stop thinking about how bored you are.

Instead, pick up a hobby or a skill you’ve always wanted to learn to deal with coronavirus cabin fever. Take leverage of the internet and use it for something other than browsing memes! Trust that your future self will thank you for making good use of this time.

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