Finding a roommate is tough. Let’s say you finally found your dream roommate. Now what? Time to find fun traditions to explore with your roommate! When you find a Roomi as awesome as you, you need to make sure they stick around. First, make sure that you are a good roommate to them. Then, break the ice by spending time with roommates with these easy and fun roomi traditions.

1. Spa Day: Skincare tradition to explore with your roommate

Going out to get a facial and massage can cost you close to a hundred bucks. Now that all of us live under an umbrella of coronavirus, it’s best to avoid going out anyway. Having a spa day at home won’t cost you more than a few dollars, max. Plus, you’ll be inside the comfort of your house and be free to enjoy a glass of wine while you’re at it! So take out your fluffy robe and comfy slippers and explore with your roommate, all the new skincare fads!

Plan one day out of the month to be your spa day. If a monthly routine seems like a big commitment, just pull out the “us-time” when you feel like you need to relax and rejuvenate. You can plan to do each other’s nails and face mask, but nothing beats a good foot massage! Once you rub your roommate’s feet, you’re practically best friends.

2. Venting Time: Explore your deepest feelings with your roommate

Let’s be real. One thing people love more than complaining about their life is talking about how busy they are and how being busy is adding stress to their lives. But why does it feel sooooo good to vent about your stress and life issues?

Eva Stubits, Ph.D., a Houston-based clinical psychologist specializing in stress management, says that talking about your personal stress can help you get it out of your system. Basically, talking about the feelings that are bothering you enables you to process them faster. You and your roommate can have a day or two during the week to open the lid and let off some steam. It’ll be a great way to mutually support each other and catch up on the craziness of your lives.

3. Furniture Shopping = Retail therapy + company of a good roommate

With the dawn of the “work from home’ culture, it’s going to be up to you to make your space more inspiring and Insta-worthy. Since you and your roommate could be looking at spending most of your hours at home, this is a good activity for you both. You can make it a regular tradition to explore with your roommate for thrifty furniture and home decor items.

4. Weekly Clean-up: Productivity + opportunity for spending time with roommates!

Cleaning up after yourself is a good roommate etiquette that you should practice every day. Decluttering, washing your dishes, and watering your plants (if you have any) is something you should engage in daily. A weekly cleaning session with your roommate where you can sweep, mop, and vacuum can be a fun exercise. Instead of dreading the effort required from your end to complete these chores, you’re more likely to hang out and chill if you’re sharing tasks with your roommate and doing them together. So blast that cheesy Spotify playlist, and get scrubbing!

5. Movie Night: spending quality time with roommates made easy

It’s safe to say that this tradition is loved worldwide. Just the thought of coming home to a glass of margarita and a dose of laughter from your favorite standup comedian on Netflix, while you chill on the couch with chips down your shirt. Co-living doesn’t get better than this! To make your monthly movie night even better, bring some buttery popcorn and DIY your favorite drink!

No matter what you do, spend time with each other; you don’t get to chose the family you’re born into but you do get to chose your friends. If you’re a friend to your roommate, your roommate is going to consider you one as well.

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