Everybody loves a delicious concoction. Especially on days when you just want to kick back and relax. And we at Roomi truly believe that there are few things as good as easy cocktail recipes. You don’t need to be a bartender or mixologist to ace some of these popular cocktails. In fact, with just a few ingredients, you can make them at home for yourself, your roommate, your significant other, and your mom! Step away from that cheap bottle of wine and discover recipes for some of the most kick-ass cocktails. These easy to make cocktail recipes are guaranteed to have you singing to Whitney Houston’s greatest hits.

Starting with a fan-favorite easy cocktail recipe, the Margarita!

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The iconic drink is refreshing, with a happy marriage between all the ingredients that go into making it. Here’s a simple take on the Margarita cocktail for beginners. If you’re feeling like experimenting a little more, try this classic version.

An easy and refreshing cocktail recipe for the classic Mojito!

Mojitos are hands down the most sought-after cocktails, especially on a hot summer day. These are fairly easy to make with the most minimal ingredients, that you will easily find in your pantry. Here’s the recipe for a classic Mojito.

Sing along with this easy cocktail! A Sangria recipe!

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Sangria is basically a fruit salad served in wine. It’s delicious, boozy, and insanely flavorful, making it undeniably the most delightful drink. What’s even better is that we’ve found a fairly easy cocktail recipe for you to recreate, right from the comfort of your home! Here’s the recipe for a traditional red wine Sangria that you can make in under 5 mins. For a little twist, try and make white wine sangria with plenty of fruits.

Go bold with a Black Russian

What’s better than coffee? Coffee liqueur mixed with vodka! Commonly known as the Black Russian, this is one of those low-cost and easy cocktail recipes that are very satisfying to whip up at home. All you need is your favorite vodka, and a coffee liqueur like Kahlua to prepare it. 

Here’s how you can make the Black Russian at home for a creamy kind of pick-me-up.

If you like getting caught in the rain, this Pina Colada recipe is for you.

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Take a virtual trip to the beach with this refreshing 3 ingredient Pina Colada at home. That’s an easy cocktail recipe, right? This is one of those foolproof recipes that you cannot go wrong with. To make this one, all you need is frozen pineapple, white rum, and coconut milk.

This is your sign to try making a pina colada asap.

Passion Fruit Martini aka the perfect mid-day pick me up cocktail recipe ?

If you like sweet and zesty cocktails, you will love the Passion Fruit Martini! This is our personal favorite as it’s so flavorful that you won’t even notice the alcohol in it.

Here’s how to whip this one up at home!

Mimosa, Mimosa

What’s a Sunday brunch without Mimosas? Nothing. But does that mean you can only have a mimosa at brunch? These bubbly cocktails with sparkling wine and orange juice are so light and fizzy that they will brighten your luncheons like no other. Here’s how you can make these at home!

Lemon Drop Martini

“Shaken, not stirred.” Bond’s favorite drink is indeed our favorite drink too. What’s better? This is a pretty easy cocktail recipe to get around.

These homemade zesty lemony martinis can easily turn a frown into a smile. For a perfect Lemon Drop Martini, use freshly squeezed lemon juice, smooth vodka, and keep the ingredients as cold as possible. Read more about how to make a fabulous Lemon Drop Martini in this recipe by inspired taste.

Kir Royale

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This cocktail recipe is so easy, it’ll only take you 5 minutes to put it together. It’s always cocktail-o-clock when the cocktails taste as good and look as fancy as the Kir Royale. It’s a pretty pink fizzy delight served to win hearts and rule the palette. Here’s how to make this sparkling wonder at home. Cheers!

Whiskey Sour, Whiskey Ma’am.

One of the most popular whiskey delights, the Whiskey Sour, is a quite fancy yet simple drink to prepare at home. It’s a delicious combo of three main ingredients: whiskey, lime, and sugar. It only takes 5 minutes to prepare this well-rounded drink, and here’s how you can prepare it with ease at home!

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