Applying for jobs and doing your best in an interview, and then waiting to hear back is taxing as it is. On top of that, if you have to face rejection, it can be disheartening and demotivating. The good news is, it doesn’t have to feel this way. You can work through the demotivation by rejecting to view job interview rejection as a failure. Or, as John C. Maxwell has quoted, “Successful people reject rejection.”

You might be tempted to think you don’t have what it takes if your job interview doesn’t materialize as you were hoping it would. Like your roomis and your friends, we want you to remember that if something doesn’t work out, you might soon realize that it worked in your favor.

So instead of letting a job interview rejection take a toll on your self-esteem, make rejection your friend and turn it into an opportunity instead.

Here are some things to do when you’re facing job interview rejection.

1. Job interview rejection and confused why? Ask for feedback!

There’s no point in overthinking and self-analyzing why you were rejected. Because chances are, you will not get the right answer. Instead, you could ask your recruiter or interviewer to tell you what went wrong to be better prepared for your next interview.

If you do receive a bland answer in return, you should push them to give you more details. If another candidate was favored over you, ask them to tell you what you lacked as a candidate. Additionally, explain why you need an answer and how it will help you in your job search.

2. Job interview rejection 101: It’s not you, it’s probably them

It’s clichéd because it is true. If you’ve performed your best and did all you could to nail that last job interview and still faced rejection, then the company or position was simply not meant for you. That doesn’t mean you sit and blame the company for not understanding your true potential. Sometimes things don’t work out – and it’s for the best.

Maybe they didn’t see you as a fit for the environment, or the employer simply didn’t feel it in their gut to hire you. They’re human too, after all. And a lot of our decisions – personal and professional – largely depend on the way we feel about what our stomachs tell us. So don’t sweat over it.

3. Work on your skillset

Review your CV and try to spot any outdated skills that might not have made you the perfect fit. If you realize something lacks in your professional skillset, make this an opportunity to learn something new.

New jobs are being added to the job market rapidly because of technological developments and the pandemic. So you could make use of this interview rejection and sharpen your professional skills instead of feeling bad for yourself.

4. Apply to places you’re confident about

If a headhunter or recruiter has scouted you, you need to put in the research to see if you can adjust to the position they think you fit well. You need to realize that recruiters are just doing their job, and we all know, sometimes we value finishing our work over giving our 100%.

Give them the benefit of the doubt. Thoroughly research the position and the company before spending too much energy on the job interview and the subsequent rejection.

5. Don’t stop looking!

Don’t give up on looking for a good opportunity based on your previous job interview rejection. Look at the larger picture and find something you love and pursue that. Maybe it didn’t work out because better opportunities are on your way.

That said, don’t just think about it while moping in front of the TV or with your roomi. Instead, start reviewing and planning for a possible career switch (if you often find yourself thinking you need it) or find the organizations that you want to work for and then put in the effort to pursue that.

6. What are your best strengths?

Play the interviewer and ask yourself this question when negativity from a job interview rejection looms. When you feel demotivated, and your self-esteem feels attacked, the best thing to do to recover and push harder is to focus on your strengths. Define your professional as well as personal strengths and note them down. Take help from your roomis, friends, and family. Slowly but surely, you WILL get through this!

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