2020 was the long home vacation that no one asked for. Therefore, it’s quite understandable if you want to spend your free time doing something productive. Perhaps you’re even looking for easy ways to make money online! If you have talent, expertise or skill, you can earn money online, without ever leaving home. Here is how to earn money online even if you’re stuck in quarantine!

1. Make money online with copywriting

Copywriting is one of the best gigs to make money online for anyone whos looking for WFH. All you need is a keen sense of writing. This role enables you to work remotely from any part of the world at your own convenience. It’s an ever-expanding industry full of opportunities for individuals with zero to many years of writing experience. Here are some tips to get started as a copywriter and find your niche in the industry.

2. Easy way to make money online: Sell your photography skills!

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to sell your photos. All you need is a good eye and quality photos that people are interested in, and voila, you can make money online! Stock photography sites and pages are photo banks that contain photos for every subject imaginable. Think food, expressions, even the mess you make at home can be a part of this website, as people want original photos for blogs, ads, brand pages, websites, etc. Here are some of the best stock photo websites ShutterstockPhotoshelter, and Getty Images.

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3. Become a translator to make money online

Are you bilingual? Or Is your native language one of the most trending languages in the world? If yes, you can become a translator/interpreter and even offer your services online. There’s a growing need for translators and interpreters amidst expat groups, especially ones where English isn’t the first language of choice. Welocalize, is one of the most promising sites for remote translator jobs in 2020.

4. Take up tutoring to earn money online

If teaching or explaining things comes naturally to you, you could become a tutor. Not only is it a lucrative business, but it also is one of the most comfortable jobs out there. It offers an extremely flexible lifestyle, and you can earn money online while setting your own hours. The best part about this business is that you can set it up in any part of the world with ease. You can find some of the best online tutoring jobs here

5. Become a proofreader

This one goes out to all the grammar Nazis out there! Now you can stop correcting people on social media; instead, use your crazy powers to earn money, even in quarantine. Proofing is a great way to make money online. If you’re good, agencies are willing to pay you a great amount for the hours you put in. If you want to dive in and start this but don’t know where to begin, these tips will help you begin your proofreading journey.

6. Become an audiobook narrator

Do you have a pleasant voice and often receive compliments on it? Well, then you can definitely become an audiobook narrator! Audiobooks have increasingly become a popular choice for people as it essentially allows them to read more even on the go. It’s a booming industry that’s created many job opportunities for freelance narrators. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Here’s how you can embark on this lovely journey.

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7. Be a part of internet research & surveys

Who would’ve thought that you can make money online by surfing the internet and filling out surveys? Don’t be shocked, internet research and surveys could help you get anywhere from $1,000 – $2,000 or more/month. Qmee is one of the best platforms for this; it allows you to surf, share your opinion with the world, and earn money in the process. Here are some other survey sites that you can benefit from- SurveyBods and Survey Junkie.

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