Thanksgiving is over, which means the Christmas season is finally here! Even though it’s still November, It’s never too early to start getting into the Christmas spirit – even if COVID-19 is making the holiday look a little different this year. This Thanksgiving, many families had to spend the holiday apart from one another to keep each other safe. Since Christmas is less than a month away, spending the holiday season away from family will most likely be the safest option. Even though it’s upsetting not to be with family, you’ll get to spend a lot more quality time bonding with your roommate. You might even be exchanging cool and fun Christmas traditions together.

Since spending the holiday season with roommates is a possibility, it’s important that you still make the season as fun and festive as you can. In order to start off the Christmas season right, try creating new and fun holiday traditions with your roommate! Here are a few ideas to help you and your roomi celebrate the holiday season together.

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Build gingerbread houses to bond with roommates

One of the most classic Christmas traditions! Making gingerbread houses is both fun and budget-friendly. Pick up a gingerbread-making kit at your local grocery store or order one online. Make an event out of your gingerbread house session by pouring yourself a cup of hot cocoa and watching a classic Christmas movie while you create your masterpiece!

Decorate the tree

Decorating a tree is the best roommate bonding exercise there is! A Christmas tree is an essential part of Christmas traditions. Depending on where you live and what your budget looks like, buying an artificial tree might be a smart option instead of purchasing a live tree. Decide with your roomi whether a real or artificial tree will be the best option for you.

Once you’ve gotten your tree, browse stores such as Target or Michaels for cheap string lights to hang on your tree. Michaels is a great store to look at if you’re in need of affordable tree ornaments too. Choose a day together and spend it decorating your tree while listening to some festive Christmas tunes!

Fun Christmas tradition: Hang stockings together

Hanging stockings is a staple during the holidays. Get into the Christmas spirit and look for matching stockings for you and your roommate. Browse Amazon or Target – there’s no need to break the bank when buying stockings!

If you’re an arts and crafts lover, grab some markers and glitter glue, and personalize your stocking by decorating it. When you’re done, pick a spot for you and your roommate to hang your stockings. Be sure to buy stocking stuffers to fill up your roommate’s stocking on Christmas morning!

Have a holiday movie marathon

Get into the holiday mood with a Christmas movie marathon! Pick a week and choose a different Christmas movie to watch each day. There are tons of options to browse on Netflix such as The Grinch and and The Christmas Chronicles. Grab some popcorn and eggnog and enjoy!

Bake Christmas cookies

Calling all bakers! Another great way to get into the holiday spirit and celebrate the quintessential Christmas traditions. Not only are they delicious, but baking with your roomi is a great roommate bonding exercise. It will not help you to beat the holiday blues but also support each other through these challenging times.

Choose what you want to bake, such as sugar cookies or gingerbread, and make the dessert from scratch. Baking homemade creations is much more satisfying than cooking from a box, and you get instant Instagram bragging rights!

Swap presents

Don’t forget to buy your roomi a Christmas gift! Decide on the perfect gift for your roomi and do your holiday shopping early so you aren’t rushed. Can’t decide on the perfect Christmas gift for your roomi? Reach out to a family member or friend for some holiday gift-giving inspo!

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