When moving out of your parent’s house, you can consider a plethora of potential roommates. You can live with a friend, your SO, a complete stranger, or your sibling. Believe us when we say that every available option has its own set of pros and cons. So if you’re thinking of living with your (potentially overbearing) siblings, here are some factors to weigh in. Living with siblings as adults can be the best ride of your life or something you should steer clear of. There is no in-between.

#1 Pro of living with siblings: Emotional support 24×7

The best part about living with siblings is that they’re family, and they will always be there for you (mostly ’cause they don’t have a choice). Even your most annoying sibling will be there for you when you’re going through a rough patch. A bad break up, a rough day, a fight with a close friend, PMS – your sibling will always be your cheerleader, and they know just how to make you laugh through the pain.

#1 Con of living with siblings: Lack of privacy

This one goes without saying: living with siblings also means a lack of personal space. So forget time with your SO, parties with strangers, coming home late, or just chilling in your space. Chances are that siblings will be there – annoying you just for kicks.

#2 Pro of living with adult siblings: Comfort, security & trust

Another perk of living with siblings is that you can lounge in your PJs all day, maybe ditch bathing for a day or two, and leave your things out without a padlock. The comfort and the level of trust between siblings living together is something that you will never be able to experience while living with a new roommate.

#2 Con of living with siblings as roommates: Lack of new experiences

With comfort, security and trust also comes the lack of new experiences. This means that you will be so well-protected that you won’t get to experience how fun, challenging, and rewarding living with a new person is. Also, you may not be able to do all the crazy things roommates do. Living with a roommate is an experience that every adult must experience at some point in their lives – it transforms you in ways unimaginable! Consider living with a roommate a crash course in adulting – the experience teaches you survival, budgeting, and adaptability. Not to mention the great friendships you form over time.

#3 Pro: Equal division of chores

With siblings, you can be in any form strict or sweet. Establishing a clear chore boundary is easier than with new roommates. Living with siblings also means having your mom on speed dial. So when you find your siblings slacking with chores, you can always call mom to straighten them out. Who’re you gonna call when your roommate ditches their errands?

#3 Con: Sharing everything

Of course, the flip side to living with siblings equals a mandate sharing policy. Sharing of snacks, clothes, commodities, your laptop, and maybe even money. If the thought of this is driving you nuts already, then maybe this isn’t a good option for you. Living with overbearing siblings as adults who take all your resources may even strain your relationship.

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#4 Pro: You know each other well

You don’t have to invest a lot of time into getting to know your roommate if your roommate is your sibling. Living with siblings as adults is easy. You know what they like, what their quirks are, and what ticks them off. When the time comes you can fall back on each other for extra support and help.

#4 Con of living with overbearing siblings: Overstepping boundaries

With roommates, you can define boundaries easily. However, with siblings, you can never define strict and clear boundaries because they will stomp all over them and do what they want to do anyway. They might even mock and tease you in the process because that’s what siblings do. Also, let’s not forget that any fight with your sibling can turn into a real family drama in seconds.

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