The more, the merrier, they say? Well in this case, for the most part, yes! You have more friends co living and sharing an apartment. More fun things to do. You’re never lonely, and so on and so forth. But on the other hand, when co live with too many roommates, you might not feel that ‘the more, the merrier’ stands true.

Sometimes funny, sometimes annoying and sometimes just infuriating, there are many troubles when it comes to sharing an apartment with too many roommates!

How many roommates is too many to share an apartment, you ask?

Well, if you’re facing one, or most of the problems we’re going to talk about, then the number of roommates you’re co living with is definitely too many!

1. A schedule for pooping

Yeah! You read that right. When you co live with too many roommates and just one bathroom, you might have a lot of fights over bathroom time initially. That is until you make a pooping schedule that works for everyone!

And if one of them chooses to take some extra time, they should be prepared to hear persistent knocking on the door too!

2. Share an Apartment Bathroom

You’ll be wasting a lot less water and time when showering because hot water is limited and everyone needs to take a bath. (A special thank you to those roomis who don’t like to bathe as often.)

However, there will be times when have to go for a cold water bath because your roommates took up all the hot water for themselves!

3. Always cookin’, not so good lookin’

When you share an apartment with too many roommates, the kitchen’s always going to be busy and dirty. The more people, the more food and snacks that will be prepared.

So it’s best you prepare for some hearty overeating every day too! Except if you have tremendous will power to resist all the yummy food in the kitchen, all day round!

4. Mine and yours = Ours, when you share an apartment

When you co live with too many people, it can be tough to keep a tab on who took what.

Be it food you had left in the fridge, or a favorite tee you had lying around. Consider it gone!

No point searching everyone’s stuff either, unless you don’t mind cleaning up other people’s mess.

5. Too many roommates, and too many friends

If you already share an apartment with too many roommates in your apartment, Friday nights will most definitely be crowded! With each of your roommate inviting a friend over to chill, it’d be nothing short of a disaster.

However, if you keep an open mind, you might meet a lot of new people (plus the hot ones if you’re lucky.) But if you’re cramming up to finish an assignment or working on a deadline, it’s going to be tough, to say the least!

6. What should we watch?

When all the roommates are home and want to watch something together, the ‘what should we watch?‘ problem surfaces.

It’s tough enough to agree on what to watch when it’s just 2 people. So when there’s too many roommates, and just one TV, some compromises might have to be made.

But what can you do? Gotta bear with it!

7. Who Am I?

If you share an apartment with too many roommates, sooner than later you’ll start to forget who you are as an individual! Really!

You’ll be spending most of your time with people around. And you’ll subconsciously pick their habits as your own. And before you know it, you’ll all turn into a collective person, flaws and all.

Add to it, no space and time to truly call your own, you might start to believe life would be miserable without them.

So enjoy this while you can. And hopefully, when you look back it might just put a big smile on your face. And you might even make some true friends for life!

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