It could be one of the best, or maybe, one of the worst life experiences to co live with a roommate.

Keep your expectations low because your co living experience could go either way. Your roommate could either annoy the living wits out of you. Or they could become your best buddies you’d never ever want to live without. Nonetheless, you’ll be learning how to co live with a complete stranger, every single day.

Whatever your roomi future may hold, a great way to kickstart a good relationship with your roommates is a warm and fuzzy welcome!

So whether you live alone, or already share an apartment with roommates, here’s how you can welcome a new roommate.

1. Feed your roommate a delicious meal

When you’re moving houses, you could sometimes forget or be too busy to eat. And we all know what happens then. Cue hangry feelings!

So the best way to extend a warm welcome to your roommate would be with warm delicious food! You could prepare a hearty meal for them. Or you could recommend some of your favorite restaurants in the neighborhood and let them have their pick!

And it is probably the best way to break the ice too. Because we all know, the way to all our hearts is through our stomach.

2. Take your roommate grocery shopping

Nothing kickstarts sharing an apartment better than going grocery shopping together.

And if your roommate is new to the neighborhood, they might need a guide!

So show your new roommate around the neighborhood, and take them to all your favorite shops. They would be ever thankful, and who knows you might bond over the essentials you like to shop for! And even the kind of munchies you love to take home.

3. Plan a movie night for your roommate!

If you’re not much of a socializer, but still want your new roommate to feel welcome, plan a movie night for them!

Ask them what their go-to movie or series is, and watch with them. Even if you don’t enjoy what they like, you could pretend for a night so they can feel more comfortable sharing an apartment with you.

4. B*tch about everything under the apartment roof

Give them the gossip on your landlord, the noisy neighbors you co live with, or the street dogs in the alley. Start talking about things that mildly annoy you about sharing an apartment.

Like they say, nothing forms a greater bond than hating on something together.

So if you find something they dislike with an equal intensity as you do, take some time to talk and laugh about those annoying things. And before you know it, you’ll be bonding like you’d never thought of!

5. Discuss house rules and living arrangements

As they start to settle in, take some time out to discuss the house rules and living arrangements so they’re on the clear. Taking suggestions for house rules would work as a bonus!

Ask them about where they lived before. Was there something that they wouldn’t want to deal with again? Or maybe something they absolutely loved in their previous co living arrangements?

Tell them about the existing house rules but also be open to new suggestions.

6. Welcome your roommate with a sweet gestural gift

It doesn’t have to be something big, but a welcome gift would be a great gesture for your new roommate. A small throw pillow, a candle, incense, or even a pack of chips or cookies, or whatever you think they might appreciate.

The gesture will make them feel less awkward during those initial days sharing an apartment.

7. Give your new roommate some much-needed alone time

Last but not least, moving is stressful and tiresome. So while you initiate activities to do together, be mindful of whether or not they would be up for it just yet.

And at the end of the day, just give them some alone time to figure stuff out. So they don’t feel overwhelmed, and can get some much-needed rest!