We’ve learned a lot this year! One of the highlights though has been ironing out the rough edges of communal living in a shared living space. If you think your roomis are the best and you have no complaints, well, you’re one of the lucky ones!

However, when we practice communal living, it’s easy for certain habits to start getting to each other. So to make sure your shared living space stays happy and healthy, being a good roomi is essential.

Here are some habits that you should avoid when living with roomis in a shared living space.

1. In a shared living space – when you snooze, your roomis lose

Do you hit snooze on your alarm at least 10 times before you wake up? Well, it’s bad for you – as well as your roomis – in a shared living space. They might have a different sleeping schedule. And hearing that alarm tone over and over is never a good start to someone’s day.

So when living with roomis, stop snoozing those alarms to make communal living less cranky for everyone!

2. You aren’t the eternally designated DJ in your shared living space

We know this one stings. But the truth is: except for when it’s a party and you want to play DJ while everyone socializes and gets drunk, no one likes listening to your music all the time.

So when in a communal living situation, do your roommates a favor. Invest in a good pair of earphones or headphones to keep them sane. Even if your choice in music is outstanding, not everyone might want to listen to music when you do!

RIP non headphone using roommates

And when you do plug in your earphones, don’t sing along in your shared living space all the time. It might be cute for a while but can easily cross the line and enter the dreaded annoying zone!

3. The sound of discord

So you’ve decided to pick up a new skill? And you’ve finally started taking online classes to learn the instrument you’ve always wanted to. Cheers to you! But we pity the roomis that are in a communal living situation with you.

Sound waves travel through closed doors in your shared living space

Even though it’s great to learn a new skill, if it’s at the expense of the people in your shared living space, you need to be a bit more mindful of your practice. If you can’t sleep, 3 am is not the best time to be practicing your disharmonious tunes.

Even if you play well, your roomis might be sleeping or trying to sleep. So if you have to, keep the volume down. Also, ask your roomis what time of day they’d prefer you to get some practice in.

4. The Grudge

Finding hair in the drain in shared living spaces is pretty infuriating! Remember the disgusting scene from The Grudge when hair would pop up from the everywhere? If you leave hair in the drain after a shower, your roomis are faced with this scene in real life.

Pick up your hair!

So be a good roomi and clean up after a bath when you’re in a communal living situation.

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5. I love you baby

It’s adorable how you and your SO get along. And even more so, when you talk all day about nothing. Also, you make the world a better place with your love. But it is rather annoying when you choose to make everyone listen to it ALL THE TIME.

Stop broadcasting your love in a shared living space

So if you like to talk to your SO all the time, make sure you do it in your room. And not in the shared living spaces in your apartment. Even if your roomis haven’t recently got their hearts or relationship broken, it’s annoying to listen to you baby talk to your baby all the time.

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6. Hey, you listening?

As a rule, when your roomis have their earphones on, they don’t want to be spoken to. They’re clearly enjoying some time alone and don’t want to be disturbed. So don’t talk to them when they have their headphones on!

If what you have to say is not important, wait for them to take their earphones out before you begin.

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