Although living with a roommate is awesome for the most part, shared living can be challenging sometimes. Initially, moving out of your parent’s home seems wonderful. Additionally, you romanticize being best buds with your new roomies, getting home at whatever time you like without having to sneak in, and having sleepovers with friends every weekend! The dream. Sure, it’s fun, but sooner rather than later… you start to notice your differences, and some annoying roommate habits. And you start wondering if living with roommates could get easier. But don’t worry. Here’s your roommate guide to all things annoying! Read on.

You and your roommates are different people (even if you get along with your roomi well otherwise!), and sometimes you find yourself noticing the annoying roommate habits. Most of all, you’re struggling not getting your own way around the house… we’ve all been there.

Naturally, your roomi shares your feelings.

While living with roommates is not always the best thing, and they might not be your soul-roommate, learning how to navigate the great indoors with your current roommate will make both of your lives easier and more enjoyable!

Here’s the roommate guide to how exactly you can do that.

1. Accept the annoying roommate habits

When it comes to doing things around the home, you like things to be a certain way. From keeping the kitchen sink empty at all times and rinsing the dishes right after eating, to keeping the cushions on the couch a certain way. And you and your roomi might not see eye to eye on these little things. Just remember, that’s okay! It can be turned from annoying roommate habits to just something that is a fact of life.

Ultimately, everyone’s different. So, our number one rule for happiness when it comes to shared living with roommates is to accept your differences and annoying roommate habits too!

2. Talk about it

Once you accept your differences when co-living, it’s key to remember that communication can go a long way.

If you’re worried that their habit of leaving the sink overflowing with dirty dishes could bring mice in, let them know. It makes sense to talk to each other about annoying roommate habits instead of ignoring the elephant in the room.

Our roommate guide says, keeping things inside will make co-living tougher for you. If you’re having trouble confronting your roommate, you could always send a text to resolve your conflicts.

3. Compromise is key when it comes to annoying roommate habits

If you find yourself singing “I want it that way” a little too often, ask yourself what’s really bothering you. Is it just that you didn’t get your own way, or is it something else?

If hygiene isn’t compromised and it’s simply a difference in opinions, try doing things their way once in a while. Who knows, you might find a new way to keep order in the house and like it too!

4. Collaborate on the house rules

No one likes a know it all – one of the most annoying roommate habits there is. And let’s face it – when someone tells you not to do something, you itch to do it even more! So, if you’re someone who wants things a certain way and wants to make rules about it, ask for your roomis input instead of just stating your rules.

If your roomi is a night owl and watches TV too loudly at night, but like Cinderella, you want to be off to dreamland by midnight, this is a clash of lifestyles that needs to be addressed. Just remember, this can be resolved without you going to sleep annoyed every night. Sit together and try to find the middle ground for a happy co-living experience.

5. It works both ways

You cannot expect your roomi to cooperate if you’re not willing to do the same. So instead of constantly wishing they’d be more co-operative, see where you can meet in the middle to cooperate and set an example for healthy shared living. In the long run, you’ll find that they’re more willing to do the same for you! And slowly, the annoying roommate habits will stop bothering you.

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