Co-living communities are the new hot trend in accommodation. It may appeal to you as a College student, young professional or even just working from home. Traditionally, the options for accommodation have been dorms and apartments. However, co-living communities are a sort of in-between option. Co-living communities offer a practical and modern alternative to apartments or dorms. Hence, you may be considering trying it out. Confused if it is right for you? Read on to know!

What are Co-living communities?

Co-living communities are a modern, communal form of living. Here, each of the residents have their own personal room and shared communal spaces. They provide residents with a personal room and privacy like an apartment. However, the communal or common areas are shared by residents like in a dorm. They are particularly popular among students, young professionals, and digital nomads.

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What are the pros of Co-living communities?

Co-living communities provide the best of both worlds for residents. They provide the privacy and personal space of an apartment without the high price tag. Co-living growing in popularity as a means of affordable accommodation. With the high demand and prices of accommodation in major cities, co-living communities are a sensible choice. It can also be great if you are social and like to meet new people and thrive with a lively social life.

Are Co-living communities right for me?

Now that you have an understanding of co-living communities, it is time to see if they are right for you. While they do have a lot of benefits, they are not for everyone. Here are some points that will help you decide if co-living communities suit you or not.

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Budgets in Co-living Communities

Co living communities will almost always be cheaper than an apartment. While having a roommate could bring the costs down, co living spaces will save you more. If you are on a tight budget, you will be better off going with co living communities. With the rents in major cities soaring, they are a way to ease the pressure on the housing market.

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Privacy in Co-Living Communities

While you do share communal areas, co living communities give you your personal space. Thus, you and the other residents have your personal rooms. This gives you a lot more privacy compared to a dorm and can be important for some people. You will still need to share communal spaces and use common utilities. However, you can always retreat to your own room if you need a break or some ‘me time.’

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Utilities in Co-Living Communities

Another area where you save cash in co living communities is utilities. Here, all utility costs are generally included in the rent you pay. You and the other residents, all share the cost of utilities. As a result, you can expect to pay lesser for utilities as well as other facilities.

Amenities in Co-Living Communities

Co living spaces will generally come with certain amenities that you can avail of. Some common amenities are free WiFi, a laundry room, a recreational area. Some dorms even have gyms and televisions for you to use. This makes it a hassle-free way to live without you having to worry about buying any appliances. You also do not need to head out every time you need something as all you need is generally there.

Cooking in Co-living Communities

Depending on the place where you are putting up cooking may not be an option. As you share communal spaces in co living communities, there generally won’t be a full kitchen. While there may be a few appliances, it usually won’t be enough for you to cook full meals regularly. If you have special dietary requirements or just love cooking, do keep this in consideration.

Social Life in Co-Living Communities

In co living communities, you sharing spaces with other students or individuals. This can make it easier to make new friends and meet new people. You can use this to your advantage for networking and finding like-minded folks. Also, you can always kick back with your new mates and have company. They are a great way to get started if you are in a new city or are don’t know anyone there.

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