The pandemic has made us all realize how important every second of our life is. It’s also made many of us re-evaluate our decisions – and reposition our priorities! Maybe taking up that fancy job actually wasn’t what you really wanted… maybe what you wanted was a life full of adventures and to move to a new city! So if you’re planning to live in a different continent, city, or country but don’t know if you’re ready? Then watch out for these 6 signs that tell you that you’re ready to shift cities. If you find yourself nodding at any point while reading this, get ready for your next adventure!

1. You haven’t lived anywhere else but you always wanted to move to a new city

So you’re someone who’s never moved anywhere else before. The chances are you either hate it… or love it – but you’re definitely wondering what else is out there. There’s definitely a certain thrill in moving cities, meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures first hand. The unknown can seem really intimidating at first, but once you get settled in a new place, you’ll probably wonder why you didn’t move any sooner!

2. You’re looking to start a new life

Do you have sour and bitter memories attached to the city you’re living in currently? Maybe the memories from a bad break up or an awful job role keep playing on your mind? Then it could be time to pack your bags and bid Adieu to your current town! And remember, you’re not running away from your past, you’re giving yourself a chance to start afresh.

3. You want to move closer to your loved ones

It could be a college degree, a relationship, or even a job that took you away from your loved ones, and now the pandemic is making you re-evaluate your decision. You’ve realized that college lessons are online, your relationship kind of sucks, and that your job is becoming a little draining. Your loved ones are waiting and your hometown is calling; can you hear it singing? *Sings Sweet Home Alabama *

4. You want a change of scene or a better quality of life and moving cities is on your mind

You’re done with the city life – the booming rent, the hustle, and the concrete jungle. Maybe you want to live a more relaxed lifestyle, and you definitely don’t see that materializing in a busy city. If you’re aching to settle in a suburb, the countryside, or in a quaint town then you’re definitely ready to shift cities. Life is short, don’t exist but live it to the fullest.

5. You want to explore the city of your dreams

You’ve always dreamt of moving to Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York as a kid. The movies that you watched of your favorite cities only fed your desire to start a life there. Now you’re a grown-up with a job (congratulations little dreamer)! While adulting can be tough, it comes with many benefits like the freedom to make decisions as big as moving cities. Make your childhood dream a reality and take a leap of faith backed with financial planning and career options like a real adult!

6. You’re ready to move to a new city, but can’t decide where

You’re certain that you need to move to a new city, but you’re struggling to decide where. With so many amazing cities out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which one will be perfect for you.

So here’s what you need to do to make this process of moving cities seamless and less frustrating:

  1. Make a list of things/experiences that you’d like in your new city.
  2. What sort of weather would you like – cool & pleasant or warm & sunny?
  3. Now mark the things which are an absolute necessity as “must haves” – this will help you narrow your expectations from a city/town/country and help you find the most ideal one.

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