Looking for a break from renting apartments? Living in an apartment can be an expensive and exhausting affair. Particularly if you live in an expensive city or the housing prices have hiked. However, the good news is that in 2021, there are plenty of alternatives to renting an apartment.

This listicle will give you some fun and feasible options that you must consider as alternatives to renting an apartment. Housing need not be expensive and exhausting. Sometimes, all you need is a little creativity to make the best out of your resources.

All the options for alternatives for renting an apartment mentioned here may not be perfect for every person. There are pros and cons; make a smart choice that fits your unique demands. But as long as you are young and free, why not have some adventure and explore new options?

1. Van dwelling

We begin with one of the most adventurous alternatives to renting an apartment. Van-dwelling has become a popular option in many parts of the United States, especially after the pandemic. Van life is quite different for every person depending on budget and other factors. However, this bohemian digital nomadic form of housing has become attractive and even aspirational.

A van, or even an RV if you can afford it, can be among the most sensational contemporary housing alternatives. You can explore a new place every day and get a lot of time to chase beautiful sunsets across the country. However, it may not be very convenient in the long term for those traveling with family or kids.

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2. Live on a Boat

As far-fetched as it sounds, living on a boat is becoming a well-favored alternative to renting an apartment in several areas. Yes, you will have to rent a boat and there may be several maintenance costs in the long term. But this is also among the most creative housing alternatives that you can cherish for life.

There are many logistical concerns that you must first consider. Check the climate and the water type of the region you have chosen for your boat life. You can choose among different boat communities in different US states for comfortable housing. If done right, living aboard a boat could be the most relaxing and unique alternatives to renting an apartment.

3. Get a Tiny House

Ever since the tiny-house movement began, lots of Americans have embraced the minimalist lifestyle to downsize their housing space along with their living expenses. A professionally made tiny house can include all the amenities of a regular house smartly arranged in a cozy space. It can be customized according to the needs of one person or an entire family. It is generally constructed on wheels to move around and shift localities with ease.

Multiple states in the US have tiny-house communities– Florida, Texas, California, and Colorado are among them. Tiny houses are one of the brilliant alternatives to renting an apartment because of the flexibility they offer. Yes, you may have to make an investment initially but throughout the years it can turn out to be quite rewarding. The value of the tiny house can go up with time. Eventually, you may even sell it off at a higher price than your initial investment.

Check Roomi’s Guide To Working With Small Spaces & Studio Apartments to know how you can make the best out of your tiny house.

4. Container Home

Another minimalist and easy alternative to renting an apartment is to make a shipping container your home. Many people underestimate the value of a metal container as a home, but this could out turn out rather classy and elegant beyond expectations. The best part is that container homes are cheap and easy to drop anywhere.

The simplistic structure of the shipping container gives a lot of scope for creativity. Call your interior designer friends and you may just get the house of your dreams! You can also attach 2-3 similar containers to make an expansive apartment-like structure. The shipping container home is one of the best cheap housing alternatives to renting an apartment.

5. Shared Living Spaces

The above options may be quite overwhelming if you are not the traveling type. You don’t always need to travel the world as alternatives to paying rent. Instead, you can try shared living spaces. Co-living spaces or housing co-ops have become sustainable and cheap housing alternatives.

Co-living spaces are dorm-style buildings where renters can get a bedroom and share the kitchen and common areas. In housing co-ops, many people can share a house and divide all the expenses for the amenities and resources.

Explore Roomi for the best way to find renters and roommates in your city. The best part is the social interactions and opportunities that you can get by interacting with new people from similar or different industries.

Check this Roomi post for a close understanding of co-living spaces and why you should consider them.

6. House-sitting

Often when people sell their houses, the property remains vacant for a long time. In such cases, the house can become vulnerable to theft and squatters. House-sitters are quite in-demand to keep these homes “occupied”. House sitters are allowed to stay in these houses rent-free while the house is on market. In some cases, you may even get paid for house-sitting.

Look at Craigslist, online house-sitter sites, or your community classifieds to find opportunities. You can also connect with a local realtor to find options.

7. Work-trade exchange

Do you have a few handyman skills? Exchanging work for rent is sustainable and one of the best alternatives to renting an apartment. You may work as a live-in nanny if you have what it takes to deal with kids and do a little housekeeping for those who can afford it. You can also be the manager of an apartment complex with some experience or maybe you can get a job in lodging or a resort.

Performing any such roles for private or public properties can give you cheap alternatives to living in a house. However, the level of freedom may be restricted.

Fun Alternatives to Renting an Apartment are Real!

These alternatives to renting an apartment can be a refreshing excuse to have some adventure and fun. Get a home where you can be yourself and make heartwarming memories to cherish. Social interactions and cultural experiences can also enrich your housing experience beautifully. As Creed Bratton says in The Office

But no matter how to get there or where you end up, human beings have this miraculous gift of making that place their home.

So, pack your bags and get ready for some adventure with the amazing housing alternatives to renting an apartment. Whether you want to live in a boat, or a van, or a tiny house- 2021 is a year of possibilities!

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