The holidays are upon us! ‘Tis the season of hot chocolate, fairy lights, and Christmas ornaments. You’re likely busy decorating your Christmas tree and shopping for gifts for your family. However, what about the people you live with? Your roommates might not be your best mates, or they might be your BFFs! The guide ahead is a full range of the best Christmas gifts for roommates – from affordable to premium, there’s something for everyone. So, put on your Santa hat and get ready to order!

17 Best Christmas Gifts for Roommates

1. Personalized Phone Case

This gift is for the roommate who’s always looking for cool accessories for their gadgets. Did you know that you can have their name or initials printed on a custom phone case? Etsy truly is a magical place.

Image Source: CaseMill

2. Blanket Scarf

This gift is for your friend who always has a red nose and cold hands. When it comes to Christmas gifts for roommates, blanket scarves are evergreen. We totally agree with the hype! They’re perfect for lounging around in the house and also for bundling up outdoors.

Image Source: Accessorize

3. Japanese Art Book

If you have a mate who’s big on Japanese arts and culture, consider buying this premium Christmas gift for a close friend. Japanese art books are some of the most quirky and unconventional stocking stuffers!

Image Source: Kinokuniya USA

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4. Magic Crystals Body Scrub from LUSH

Are you running behind schedule with your Christmas gifts for roommates? Don’t worry – you can still salvage your Secret Santa tradition with express delivery from LUSH. We know that LUSH is synonymous with bath bombs. However, have you had a look at their body scrub selections yet? Positively minty fresh!

Source: LUSH USA

5. Pearl Boba Tea Ambient Light

Do you live with someone who is impossible to buy for? Is one of your roommates obsessed with milk tea? Roommate gift ideas don’t get better than this adorable night light. Go ahead, buy one for yourself too!

Image Source: Yellow Octopus

6. SAD Lamp

Who says that Christmas gifts for roommates can’t be personal and practical all at once? This gift is for the roommate whose mood starts to drop as the sun sets earlier on winter evenings. Lift up their spirits with this super useful light therapy bedside accessory!

Image Source: Amazon

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7. L’Oréal Clay Face Mask

Skincare products are some of the best gifts for the holiday season, especially if you’re on a budget. These face masks make for simple, gender-neutral, and affordable roommate gift ideas! We especially love L’Oréal’s clay mask range.

Image Source: Amazon

8. Jessica Simpson Women’s Comfy Faux-Fur House Slipper

Who doesn’t love feeling like they’re walking on clouds? These slippers are perfect for the winter season to keep freezing feet warm – even without socks!

Image Source: The Strategist

9. Eco-Friendly Coffee Mug

Eco-friendly coffee mugs are good for the environment and even better as Christmas gifts for roommates! This season, support small businesses by opting for handcrafted items made with love. Perfect for tea or coffee lovers, this gift will never miss the mark.

Image Source: Etsy

10. Weighted Blanket

Staying up late to finish last-minute assignments is always exhausting. Do you have a roommate who can never get a good night’s sleep? A weighted blanket essentially hugs your body to calm down your nervous system for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Image Source: The Strategist

11. Glossier’s Nightstand Duo

The winter season is notorious for dehydrating your skin. So, what’s a better gift than a power-packed duo of hand cream and salve? If you live with someone whose lips get chapped in the winters, get them some hydration on the go. This duo from Glossier is one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for roommates!

Image Source: Glossier

12. Laptop Stickers

When it comes to the best gifts for roommates, these fun and waterproof stickers are the first ones to sell out! They’re great for adding some personality to your laptop or water bottle.

Source: Etsy

13. Gift Cards

When all else fails, hand over the reins of buying Christmas gifts to your roommates. Whether you’re pressed for time or ideas, a gift card to their favorite cafe or store is the way to go. This gift is practical, affordable, and needs no delivery or packaging!

Image Source: SPK Grocery

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14. Personalized Keychains

Do you have a roommate who’s always losing their house keys? Make their Christmas special by gifting them a beautiful keychain with their name on it. You’ll also be supporting a small shop during the holiday season, making this one of the best gifts for roommates!

Image Source: Etsy

15. Cards Against Muggles

You’ve heard of Cards Against Humanity, but we have a special treat for Potterheads! This innovative game is a twist on the classic game – strictly for the wizards among us. Break these out on your Christmas eve party and enjoy the game with some eggnog – or butterbeer!

Image Source: Etsy

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16. Fenty Beauty Eyeshadow Palette/Stocking Stuffers

We’re definitely partial to Rihanna’s powerhouse brand. You’ll find amazing products at super affordable prices. Do you live with someone who’s late to class because they’re fixing their makeup? Then stocking stuffers from Fenty are sure to be a winner! How stunning is this eyeshadow palette, for example? Or, if you’d rather let them buy makeup for themselves, they offer customized gift cards too!

17. Drinking Chocolate Stacker

When it’s snowing outside and you’re snuggled in bed, who doesn’t love a steaming cup of cocoa? You can’t strike out with this gift! These festive drinking chocolates are easily one of our favorite Christmas gifts for roommates. You might even want to consider treating yourself to some too!

Image Source: William Sanoma

Wrapping Up: Roommate Gift Ideas for Christmas

When you’re sharing a living space with others, you might become best mates or choose to keep your distance. Nevertheless, in the spirit of the holiday season, it’s important to make those around you feel good. After all, you share your home with them year-round and they likely help you out with rent and bills!

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