Colors come in different shades, and so do college roommates. This is not unexpected; people are framed differently and have their worldviews (and actions) shaped by their experiences, cultures, and environments. Then, this means you’ll need different strategies to cope with different kinds of college roommates. In this article, we have characterized 10 different types of college roommates using characters from the Harry Potter series.

10 Types Of College Roommates: Harry Potter Edition

10. The faithful roommate (Dobby)

Dobby may be a put-down little guy, but he will stay faithful and loyal to anybody that stands with him. In Harry Potter, Dobby has a large heart despite his situation. If he so much as believes in you, he will stand by you even if it is against the norm. Not every roommate becomes a good friend, but one like Dobby will be if you can look beyond his current state.

College roommate tip:

Stick your neck out for Dobby and you can be sure he’ll be there for you, even at his peril.

9. The trusting one (Cedric Diggory)

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Cedric is brave and bold. Much more, he believes in fairness and is quite trusting. He will not try to gain an unfair advantage over you, and he will do what he can to return every favor you render to him. He trusts the information that Harry gave him before the first task even when he had no reason to. He also returned the favor before they head to the lake for their second.

College roommate tip:

Do good to this type of roommate and you can be sure you will reap it in folds.

8. The clever scholar (Hermione Granger)

This type of roommate is not much fun as they are constantly buried in schoolwork. Getting them to go on an outing may be a hassle but you can trust that this one will have your back. There is an additional advantage to having a Hermione; you can be sure your assignments will get done.

College roommate tip:

If you have a dorm roommate like this, take advantage of their knowledge to improve yourself. You never know when what you learn passively will be needed.

7. The all-rounder (Ginerva Weasley)

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If you have a roommate like Ginny, there is every tendency that you will feel intimidated because she will be unusually good at everything. But you do not need to be. In Harry Potter, Ginny is compassionate and caring (ask Luna and Neville). She’s also intelligent and strong. This kind of roommate may be shy at first, as Ginny was, but she will bloom into a strong and independent person.

College roommate tip:

Enjoy the comfort of being around the all-rounder type of roommate. Maximize your time together by learning as much as you can.

6. The weird one (Luna Lovegood)

Luna taught us that being different is not wrong. That’s because she didn’t care about the perception others had of her. Throwing a shade at this kind of roommate won’t get you anywhere. Beyond this weirdness, Luna was brave and loyal to her friends.

College roommate tip:

You will learn from this roommate that happiness starts with being yourself regardless of what anybody thinks. This will help your self-esteem greatly.

5. The imperfect one (Ronald Weasley)

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Ron is neither a coward nor a hero, yet he is always willing to stand up for the people he loves. This kind of roommate has many imperfections. However, he is a work in progress and will overcome his shortcomings.

College roommate tip:

Give him time. Though there may be nothing immediately special about this person, over time, he will prove his worth.

4. The truth-teller (Neville Longbottom)

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This one values friendship but will not shy away from telling you the truth if he feels what you are doing is wrong. In Harry Potter, Neville risked the only friends he had at Hogwarts by standing up to them in the Gryffindor common room. He even went as far as to threaten that he would fight them to keep them from sneaking out again.

College roommate tip:

We all need someone who we can trust to tell us the truth, even when it hurts. Keep a Neville close for this reason.

3. The broad-minded roommate (Albus Dumbledore)

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A roommate like Dumbledore is so open-minded that they will listen to what you have to say in all situations without first judging. In Harry Potter, Dumbledore’s mind was so broad that he needed a journal to account for his many thoughts so that he could return to them later.

College roommate tip:

Humble, brilliant, and able to recognize the value in everyone, this kind of roommate will raise your sense of self-worth.

2. The unlucky one (Sirius Black)

This kind of roommate has made a few mistakes because they love adventures, and they continue to haunt them. They are often misunderstood and do not feel a need to correct the wrong impressions people have of them. They stick to what they know is right, and even in the face of death, stick by it.

College roommate tip:

Stick close to this one. He is loyal and will defend you to the last breath.

1. The assuming roommate (Severus Snape)

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This kind of roommate is quick to attach labels and fill in the rest of the blanks. So, because Harry Potter is a Potter, he must be brash and act like a blockhead. Ron is a Gryffindor so he must be conceited, and arrogant. Despite the assumptions, they know how to hide their own identities and you will be wrong to label them based on what you see.

College roommate tip:

You never really know this kind of roommate because they are masters at hiding their true intentions. The best thing to do around them is to be yourself.

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