So you’re finally moving out, and into the ‘real world’ that your parents and teachers always told you about. You are ready to face its challenges, but wait! You are hit by a question that you may not have thought about till now. What is right for you? Finding roommates in a new city can already be challenging. Read on to see what type of accommodation is right for you. Here’s all about Dorms vs apartments.

Living in dorms vs apartments

Let’s start with some Pros and Cons of both. Here are some of the basic differences between both and how life differs in dorms vs apartments.

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Dorm life can be great if you want an option that is easier on the wallet and more convenient. You can also put up in a college dorm or one that specifically caters to students. While privacy may not be a pro in a dorm, it can be great for the more social people among us. Here are some things that could help you decide if they are right for you.

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Social Life:

In dorms, you will be living in close proximity to other students or individuals. This can mean that you will find it easier to make new friends and meet new people. Dorms generally have some social or recreation area. You can always kick back with your new dorm mates and have company. Dorms are a great way to get started if you are finding roommates in a new city or are don’t know anyone there.


Another area where the dorms vs apartments question has to be addressed is utilities. In a dorm, all utility costs are generally included in the rental you pay. You and your college roommates will all share the cost of utilities. As a result, you can expect to pay lesser for utilities as well as other facilities.

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Free Amenities:

Dorms will generally come with certain free amenities that you can avail of. Here, they have the advantage in the dorms vs apartments debate. Most dorms will have free WiFi, a laundry room, a recreational area. Some dorms even have gyms and televisions for you to use.


If you are someone who needs a lot of space and privacy, ‘this ain’t it!’ While a dorm can do wonders for your social life, it can be hard to get privacy. Dorms do not offer you a lot of personal space and you will always be in the same room with someone else. If you find it hard to study or constantly be around people, dorms may not be for you.

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Dorms will almost always be cheaper than an apartment. If you are finding a roommate, that could bring the costs down, but will not beat a dorm. If you are on a tight budget, there is nothing better than a dorm.


If you want the apartment life, it does have its advantages. It is generally more expensive than getting a dorm, but you will have more freedom. There are also a host of options for apartments in terms of sizes, locations, and furnishing. Read on to see if this is the right choice for you!

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Fewer restrictions:

Living in an apartment will give you a lot more freedom to do what you like. Having personal space means fewer rules like in a dorm. While dorm inspections happen frequently, they are less common in apartments and you be informed in advance. If you want the flexibility to come and leave as you want, and do as you like, this is it.

Cooking and food:

One area where you can save by living in an apartment is food. In an apartment, you can save by buying your own groceries and cooking yourself. This can also be great if you have special dietary requirements. The option to cook for yourself is simply not possible in a dorm. Unless you plan on living off of cup noodles. (Oh, please don’t.)

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As we said earlier, dorms don’t offer much privacy or personal space. In an apartment, you can choose to live alone or share it with a college roommate. This gives you a lot more space and can be important for some people. Personally, I chose to live in a studio apartment as I really need my space to recharge those social batteries.

Entertain guests:

Here is a clear win in the dorms vs apartments debate. An apartment will allow you to have guests or friends over. While some dorms will let you bring guests, you will not have privacy or be able to spend time alone with them. Have friends over and party in your apartment or maybe catch a sports match. It’s all possible.


When it comes to expenses, you can always share with college roommates, but this is surely more expensive. In the dorms vs apartments decision, expect to spend more on rent for an apartment. Utilities and other expenses are also going to be additional costs that you will need to factor in. On the other hand, don’t expect the freebies and amenities that dorms provide.

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Sharing spaces during the pandemic

While some of you might like the sound of a dorm, the pandemic may have you concerned. Even sharing an apartment with a roommate may be concerning. You may also be wondering How to Find a Roommate During a Pandemic. It may seem risky to share spaces with a roommate or dormmate during the pandemic. However, it is actually not as bad as it may seem! Here are some things for you and your roommates or dormmates to keep in mind.

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  • Get vaccinated as soon as possible! Vaccination programs are rolling out or have already been rolled out depending on where you are from. They are the best way to stay safe!
  • Cook at home or get takeaway. Avoiding crowded spaces like restaurants and bars will keep you safe.
  • Wear a mask outdoors. Try to avoid crowded spaces and wear a mask if you must go out! Also, remember to practice social distancing.
  • Sanitize. Remember to sanitize your hands after touching anything outdoors and wash your hands when you get back indoors.

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