So you’re finally moving out and heading to college. With people from all backgrounds and walks of life coming together, there are many types of college roommates you will meet. Whether it is your dorm roommate or flatmates, be prepared to meet some interesting people! Here is a guide to the common types of roommates you will meet and how to deal with them.

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Types of roommates in college

1. The introverts:

They are the quiet ones who like to go about their lives without interrupting yours and can seem quite enigmatic. Having a small and close friend circle, they need time to warm up to people before opening up to them. If your flat or dorm roommate falls into this type, you will need to respect their space and privacy. Make an effort to understand them better and talk to them, but do not be pushy or put them in awkward situations! Introverts can be great friends once you get to know them better.

2. The life of the party:

These types of roommates in college are the very opposite of the introverts. They love chatting and opening up while getting to know new people. Everyone loves them and they bring fun and cheer to any conversation or gathering. These people can always be seen with a crowd around them and seem to have an aura that attracts everyone to them. They are great friends to have around and are always willing to have a conversation and are naturals are having some fun.

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3. The straight A’s student:

Another one of the types of roommates in college is the smart kid. They are always on time for classes and can be found in the library reading up in their free time. Often stereotyped for being nerdy, they are actually very hardworking and determined to succeed. They are great friends to have around and will remind you to study for that test, and keep you focused on your academics.

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4. The carefree one:

Quite an interesting one when it comes to the different types of roommates, as they seem to be chilled out all the time. Whether it is that upcoming test, assignment, or the time crunch for submissions, they are always at ease. They can be great friends and their example teaches you to stay calm and take a chill pill from time to time.

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5. The social butterfly:

It may have been just a week since college started, but these types of roommates already seem to know everyone. You can spot them introducing themselves to new people and happily chatting with their newly made friends. Everyone seems to know and like them, and they thrive in the social spotlight. These friends can help you improve your social skills and teach you to network better.

6. The parent:

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These types of college roommates are the parent of the group and will babysit the entire group. They are the responsible ones who will make sure you keep your room clean and take care of yourself. There is a lot to learn from them, and they are usually caring, mature and great people to be friends with.

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No matter the types of college roommates you meet, remember to be kind and accepting of everyone. These are the people who will be by your side and may hopefully, turn into life-long friendships. College life is too short to be petty or hold grudges. Have fun, make friends and enjoy the ride! Want to find the right roommate to spend your college life with? Use Roomi’s roommate finder to find someone you vibe with.

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