So you’ve left your parents home behind, and have begun looking for a roommate who can match your vibe. But the challenge of being fresh out into the world is that you also might think everyone’s super nice, and super helpful, and amazing. That is, up until you actually start living with them. So when seeking roommates, you need to really take a look at your potential roommate to know whether they have the kind of qualities you can live easily with. And as people looking for roommates, you should also remember, that you need to try and instil the same qualities in yourself too, before you go demanding those from your roommate.

So let’s jump right into it. Here are some qualities you should look for, to ensure you have a peaceful co living experience. However, it’s true you can’t assess all of it in the first few meetings or when they’re starting to move in. But you can get a hint about these qualities, if you keep your eyes open!

1. Are they respectful?

When you’re looking for a roommate, you might find someone who seems eligible. Maybe you ask them out to get to know them before living together. So when you do, observe whether they’re nice to the people around, and to you. But also make sure that you deserve to be respected!

So when seeking roommates, keep an eye out for how your potential roommate behaves with everyone, and you. Do they listen to you like they mean it, or do they take their phones out while you’re blabbering away? Take note of the small things too. And then you can decide whether you can overlook some of their mannerisms, or do they add to the bigger picture.

2. Are they friendly enough?

Of course, You don’t have to be besties with your roommate (if you are in the future, well then, nothing like it.) But ideally, you need to be on good, healthy and amiable terms for co-living to work out. So when seeking roommates, notice how they make you feel when they talk to you. Are they bringing enough to the conversation, or do you have to make all the effort? And if they’re simply shy, that’s another thing altogether. But remember, shy people will at least try to make an effort. A person who isn’t friendly, won’t.

3. Are they honest?

How can you tell someone is being honest? The eyes, chico, they never lie. But wait, sometimes they do! So go with your gut on this one. Do they avert their gaze when answering certain questions you need honest answers for? (like a previous co living experience.) Or are they willing to have an open conversation about whatever you ask them? But also remember to stay out of their personal matters so you don’t scare them away!

4. Are they as clean as you’d want them to be?

If you’re meeting them for the first time, check the way they dress, the way they keep their hair and their overall appearance. You might be able to tell a lot about their lifestyle by the way they look.

We’ve all seen and read Sherlock Holmes haven’t we? So channel your inner Sherlock and look out for signs when seeking roommate. But also, don’t just dismiss someone for the way they look. Try and get to know them too, before you make your judgement! Have an open conversation to plug in how your cleanliness habits are, and ask them about theirs. And if you both start talking about Marie Kondo, you’ll know you’re meant to be!

5. Do they like to share?

When you meet your potential roommate for the first time, and you’re eating out, you can tell about whether they like to share in general or not. When your food comes in, offer them yours, and if they like to share, they’ll offer theirs too.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone who keeps clear boundaries of what belongs to whom, then have an open conversation with them about it to know if they agree.

In conclusion, unfortunately, there’s no formula that can help people looking for roommates. But there are ways you can try your best to know! So take these points in consideration, and let your gut make the decision.

The co living journey is a long one, and there might be mistakes down the road. So the best tip for people looking for roommates would be, to always assess how you feel about the person. Talk to friends and family about them, and then make the right decision.

Good luck on your quest!

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