Popularly known as “Little London”, Colorado Springs was originally intended to be a resort. Colorado Springs is the most populous city in El Paso County, Colorado, USA. It being very close to the base of Pikes Peak mountain and Garden Of the Gods makes it a popular tourist attraction center and a great place to find rooms for rent in Colorado springs. This is also why “Little London” is easily a tourist’s top 10 choices of where to visit to relax and enjoy nature and sometimes even to stay permanently or temporarily. Thinking about visiting or moving permanently to this amazing city, this guide is a must-read.

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Getting To Know Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is unapologetically situated on Fountain Creek east-central of Colorado, about 70miles south of Denver and the US Air force Academy opened north of Colorado in 1958. The city is the home of the US Olympic Committee, Training Center, USA Swimming, USA Hockey, and a lot of other national governing bodies. The military presence is also prominent there as that is the home of the US Air Force. Colorado Springs has been recognized by renowned bodies such as “New York times 52 places to go” and US News crowned it the most desirable place to live in the US in 2018. Moving into one of the rooms for rent in colorado springs is a move everyone should make.

Finding Rooms For Rent In Colorado Springs

Finding a room for rent in Colorado Springs is almost easy depending on your budget and taste. Also, the kind of neighborhood you will like to live in should be considered as the price range varies from neighborhood to neighborhood. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a neighborhood, like higher military presence which will lead to high security, low crime rate, availability of shops, grocery stores, entertainment centers whether for nightlife or serene conditions.

Top Neighborhoods

  • Wolf Ranch: is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Colorado Springs due to its fair price on average rent. Wolf Ranch promotes serenity and an active lifestyle for its residents. I mean, there’s a lot of recreational space for the outdoor folks. It also has amenities you will require from grocery stores, small shops, health centers, restaurants, schools( they are part of the Academy School District 20), fields, and parks for relaxation and recreation. And it’s not even far from Downtown.
  • Pikes Peak Park: is an exciting place to get rooms for rent in Colorado Springs as it is close to Garden of the Gods, Zoos, and other tourist attractions. It is military-based, as a lot of military families and staff live there. Pikes Peak Park houses the Air Force Academy which is far north of the city.
  • Peregrine: this is an expensive neighborhood to live in as its median sales price for a home is as high as $625,000. Rent is also high priced but if you can afford it, please indulge! Peregrine is situated far Northwest of town behind the Air Force Academy to the North and to the west, The Rocky Mountain. This neighborhood is secluded by mountains surrounding and solitude is the order of the day. Residents enjoy beautiful views as they can see Colorado Springs in its entirety.

Average Rent In Colorado Springs

In “Little London”, obtaining a room for rent in Colorado Springs will not be a challenge if you can afford to be frugal. There are different unit apartments such as basement for rent in colorado springs and weekly rooms for rent in colorado springs all with varying prices. There is a larger percentage of owner-occupied households than rent-occupied households in colorado springs.

Rooms for Rent in Colorado SpringsAverage Price
1 Bedroom Apartment in Colorado Springs$767
2 Bedroom Apartment in Colorado Springs$1,772
3 Bedroom Apartment in Colorado Springs$2,037

University Life In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has one of the best schools in the country. The top 4 in the area are:

  1. Colorado College
  2. University Of Colorado, Colorado Springs
  3. Nazarene Bible College
  4. Colorado Technical University

Depending on the proximity to the campus, accommodation on-campus and off-campus is quite fair. You might want to consider getting roommates in Colorado springs to cut down the cost of the rent.

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How Transit Friendly Is Colorado Springs

The best way to commute is by car. Even if there are lots of parks located in Colorado Springs, some cannot be accessed by foot because they are far from the city center where many of the rooms for rent in Colorado Springs are located. However, strolling will be recommended if one lives nearby or in the city.


Colorado Springs is too big to cover on foot and unless you live close to major destinations or tourist attractions, walking is not advised.


The roads of the city are grid-like, making it stress-free to navigate. Because Colorado Springs is a tourist-inclined town, expect a lot of movement for sightseeing, hiking and traffic of cars. Leading to limited and costly parking during rush hour and heavy traffic.


If you go sightseeing, renting a car or using a cab is the best option. There are apps available to provide such services such as UBER, LYFT and even Pikes Peak Cab LLC.

Public Transportation:

There are 20 bus routes throughout Colorado Springs that run from 5 am to 10 pm on weekdays, while Saturdays and Sundays it is less operational. These services are rendered and regulated by Mountain Metropolitan Transit. Transport fares for adults cost  $1.75 and you can even pay for a pass for the whole day at $4.


The main airport is called Colorado Springs Airport (COS). It is about 11 miles east of central Colorado Springs. You can always book a cab straight from this airport into town.

Cycle Friendly:

Colorado Springs has well-tarred bike lanes for bikers, the city also provides a bike-share program called Pike Ride where you can borrow or rent a bike for as low as $2. Convenient Huh?!

Weather In Colorado Springs

The climate is slightly different from what is normal in the US. With its semi-arid weather, of course, there is winter and summer but can get a little colder than other places in the same vicinity because of its elevation. I mean, it’s not dry enough to be a desert and also not humid enough to have rainy days. I believe this weather combination is what makes people like the climate so much.

Cultural Activities

Colorado Springs welcomes the art and creative culture to be prominent. It has more than 65 art galleries that feature locally handmade art and goods. There is provision for Opera music offered by the Opera Theatre of the Rockies. Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Institute offers riveting and unique cultural experiences. There is Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center for world-class art exhibitions and theatre performances by professionals. Museums are definitely available like the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum and the Western Museum of Mining and Industry to reveal the region’s heritage.

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