The sunny weather of Tampa calling your name? We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to find rooms for rent in Tampa. Go ahead and enjoy the beautiful beaches of the city!

Getting to Know Tampa

A city made for those who love the beach, Tampa uplifts your mood with its sunny weather. It’s not just the beaches that attract people to the city, there’s plenty to do when you are here. For those looking to rent rooms in Tampa, FL only for a week or two will be surprised to know that most areas are quite affordable.

Tampa is also known for the iconic Ybor City neighborhood, which was founded by a Spanish businesswoman Martinez-Ybor. Once it was the world’s leading site for manufacturing cigars. Now, you can still see some of the old buildings and architecture preserved in the area along with new eateries, clubs and more.

The city is a joy to explore and learn more about. If you’re planning on moving here for good, you won’t regret your decision!

Finding Rooms for Rent in Tampa

While a few areas can be more expensive than others, overall, Tampa is quite a liveable city, in most cases rent is quite affordable, and the cost of living stays low as well. Compared to other cities, the public transpiration costs may be a bit higher, but if you have your own car, it won’t be a problem.

Top Neighborhoods in Tampa

  • Downtown Tampa: It’s close to the business district of the city, as well as art galleries, entertainment and the popular River Wal Attraction. Be prepared to find some expensive rooms for rent in this Tampa, FL neighbourhood.
  • Harbour Island: One of the most expensive neighborhoods in Tampa, where even weekly room rents would be expensive. However, this area is popular amongst young professionals, and even growing families because of the incredible view it offers.
  • North Hyde Park: An up-and-coming neighborhood that not only offers a great view, but comfortable living and affordable rent as well. When finding rooms for rent in Tampa, be sure to check this neighborhood when you want to save up on your cash.

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Average Rent in Tampa

Rooms in TampaAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment in Tampa$705
2 Bedroom Apartment in Tampa$1,588
3 Bedroom Apartment in Tampa$2,220

University Life in Tampa

Get ready to soak in some time in between classes and attending extra-curricular activities. Average college tuitions in Tampa can be expensive, so be ready to meet new people and adjust with a roommate when in college. Overall, you will love the sunny weather that lets you go out any time you want, with the many spots to explore in the city.

Some universities in the Tampa area that you may want to check out:

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How Transit Friendly is Tampa?

When in Tampa, you are in for bad traffic, bike-friendly roads and streetcars rides. Although cars are not necessary for every chore, in most cases owning a car in Tampa would be quite useful. Tampa’s public transportation is not always reliable, but great efforts have been made to help improve the system.

Walkability in Tampa

Tampa offers moderate walkability; while not all errands require a car, or public transport, some of them do. A few neighborhoods are more walkable than others, such as Downtown Tampa, Ybor Ceia and Seminole Heights.

Roads/traffic in Tampa

If you’re in a rush to get anywhere, ensure that you have plenty of time in hand as Tampa is notorious for bad traffic. You may come to a standstill at different bottlenecks in the city, such as County Line Road, Boyette Road and Van Dyke Road. Ensure that you avoid during rush hours, as you will likely be stuck in traffic for several minutes at a time.

Taxis in Tampa

When you need a taxi, you won’t find one cruising down the street looking for fares. In an emergency you can either call Tampa Bay Cabs, Yellow Cabs or United Cabs for taxi services. Usually, cabs line up near public spots such as bus routes, train stations, and hotels. Uber and Lyft also operate in the city, when you want to call a cab online.

Public Transportation in Tampa

HARTline provides bus route and trolley services across the city. Those who want to explore the Downtown Tampa can opt for the In Town Trolley, which runs every ten minutes from Monday to Friday between 6 am to 6 pm. Alternatively, you can opt for streetcars that run every thirty minutes via different routes. The TECO Line Street Cars System are not only convenient, but they are reminiscent of the old streetcar systems.

Airports in Tampa

Tampa is served by the Tampa International Airport with about 175 flights each day. There are several commercial airlines that offer non-stop flights to several destinations. Need to stay overnight at the airport? No problem! They’ve got a hotel to accommodate such passengers.

Cycling in Tampa

Until recently, Tampa was notorious for being dangerous for bicyclists, especially due to dangerous highway conditions. Now, it is one of the 50 best cities in the US for being cycle-friendly. Improved infrastructure, inclusion of bike lanes and adding safety measures for cyclists on the road has helped reduce accidents, and make the city safer for bicyclists.

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Restaurants in Tampa

Tampa has always been culturally diverse, with generations of immigrants living in the city. Due to its diverse culture, you will find different authentic cuisines throughout the city. From North American to Thai, Italian and Cuban, Tampa has it all. Ingredients are sourced locally, and fusion eateries are common as well. Over the past few years, Tampa has embraced its unique cultural history, and the food scene has been booming.

Nightlife in Tampa

From night clubs and sports bar, to concert halls and festivals, you will never be bored in Tampa. The city has an exciting nightlife, and you will have a great time exploring the different clubs in the city. It’s not all about loud music and energetic dances though, the city also has a few places that cater to a relaxed and slow-paced night such as boat rides and wine and cocktail bars.

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