If you’ve watched the show ‘Friends’, you should be no stranger to Joey and Chandler and their roommate relationship. In fact, many of us grew up watching Friends and dreaming of living with roommates in NYC and having adventures. Roommate-based TV shows give us a romanticized view of life with roommates. However, there is also a lot to learn from them about apartment rules and living with a roommate. Read on as we look at Joey and Chandler and the lessons on apartment living from this iconic roommate duo.

Find the right roommate

In Friends, we see Chandler search for a new roommate when Joey moves into a new, swanky apartment. While at the supermarket, he meets Eddie, who later moves in with Chandler as his new roommate. However, Eddie and Chandler have nothing in common and struggle to get along as roommates. Eddie hates Baywatch, foosball, and sports, steals mannequins from Macy’s, and dehydrates fruit for fun. Furthermore, when Eddie’s ex-girlfriend Tilly comes by to drop off his old, empty goldfish tank, he becomes suspicious of Chandler. He believes that Chandler slept with his ex-girlfriend and killed his fish.

After several mishaps and confrontations, Chandler finally manages to rid himself of Eddie. Hence, the moral here is to make sure you find someone who is the right fit if you are planning on living with a roommate! They are a huge part of apartment life and can make or break the experience.

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Set and follow apartment rules

Not everyone will appreciate you building a cardboard box fort in the living room! And there is a lot to learn not to do from Joey as well. Furthermore, no one likes a messy or noisy roommate who doesn’t do their fair share of the household chores. Be sure that you have a clearly laid out and agreed-upon set of apartment rules and responsibilities. Taking out the trash, washing the dishes, and paying bills are all shared responsibilities.

Additionally, you’ll avoid conflict if you have your apartment rules clearly laid out while living with a roommate. Also, don’t forget the most important rule; “Joey doesn’t share food!”

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Accept your roommates for who they are

When living with a roommate, there are going to be peculiar habits that you may notice and even find annoying. For example, in Friends, Joey and Chandler have their differences and still manage to go past them and live together. There is no perfect roommate, but it’s about finding the thing you both love and accepting each other.

Maybe you think a big white dog statue is an eyesore and a waste of space. However, it’s all about accepting their different tastes and opinions while living with a roommate. Even if your roommate is a bit immature or messy like Joey, a bit obsessive like Monica. Besides, Chandler has seen it all and still managed to get along and live with both of them!

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Occasional conflicts are a part of living with roommates

Living with a roommate means that you are bound to have disagreements from time to time. For instance, maybe your roommate has done something that annoys you, or you can’t seem to agree on something. Remember that even iconic roommate duos like Joey and Chandler have conflicts sometimes. Moreover, it’s about overcoming these disagreements and making peace that teaches us great lessons about living with a roommate. Even if your roommate might think it’s funny to wear everything you own, with no underwear on.

At the end of the day, communication and forgiveness are key to getting over issues you have while living with roommates. Furthermore, you should never hold a grudge and move on, much like when Chandler kissed Joey’s girlfriend and offered to sit in a wooden box until Joey forgave him.

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Friends in need are friends indeed!

A roommate is much more than just someone you bump into from time to time. In fact, they are one of the closest friends you’ll have away from home and living in NYC like in Friends. Joey and Chandler showed us that you can go from strangers to the best of friends. Moreover, being one of the most iconic duos from roommate-based TV shows means there is a lot to learn from them. A roommate is always there for you and has your back. Whether you’re upset, heartbroken, in trouble, or want to kick back and watch some Baywatch!

Besides, it’s always great to have someone to help around, like when you need to pivot a giant bed to get it up the stairs. How Joey and Chandler knew each other and what troubled the other person so well are roommate goals! Joey and Chandler were also willing to help their other friends and give their all. Just like that one time Monica got stung by a jellyfish at the beach.

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Remember to have fun!

Living in NYC and trying to manage your work can be stressful and difficult. Therefore, it is important to have a roommate who can remind you to take a break and have fun. Joey and Chandler on Friends are always ready to have some fun or take a break from the stress of life. Even though Joey and Chandler weren’t always great at giving advice, they were there for each other.

Similarly, just being there and willing to have some fun is sometimes all you need from a roommate when you’re feeling down. Joey and Chandler are always able to put a smile on people’s faces. Whether it is with their jokes, pranks, or occasionally by accident.

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