Living with your friend sounds like a dream … unless you’re planning on sharing a studio apartment. Can 2 people live in a studio apartment comfortably? See Roomi’s tips for sharing a small space!

Sharing a Small Space with Your Friend

Living with a roommate is not easy, even if they’re your friend. It involves a lot of adjustment, patience, and compromise. When you’re planning on sharing a studio apartment with a friend, it is important to set boundaries to ensure that you do not drive each other crazy. Staying organised, setting schedules, learning to respect boundaries and even getting privacy dividers …there are many innovative ways to make sharing a small space easier.

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How do you share limited space?

Finding innovative ways to maximise limited spaces can help you live comfortably with your roommate, even in limited spaces. Looking for inspiration?

Make the most of room dividers

If you’re a fan of medieval dramas, you’ll be familiar with room dividers or privacy screens. They’re not just a fancy addition to a room – they can also help you demarcate specific areas in a small apartment. If you don’t want to invest in a room divider just yet, you can also strategically place rugs around the apartment to create cosy nooks!

Get creative with storage

Finding enough storage space for one person is a feat in itself, but when you’re sharing a studio apartment with your friend, you need to get creative. Apart from the usual spaces, try to incorporate additional storage using hooks or buying multipurpose furniture.

Stay organised

When sharing a studio apartment, organisation is key. You cannot leave your things lying around as if you are living alone. And the best way to ensure that your roomie respects your space? Make sure that you are respecting theirs!

Pack away anything that you aren’t using, and try to reduce clutter as much as possible. Not only does this help your studio apartment seem more spacious, but it also helps you be a good roommate.

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Can 2 people live in a studio?

Disagreements are common, even when you’re living with your friends. When you’re sharing a small space, it is easy to get frustrated with the person you’re living with. So, how can you ensure that your co-living situation doesn’t turn into a nightmare?

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Set your boundaries

Before you live together, make sure that there are definite boundaries in place. Decide who is going to pay for the utilities and who is going to do the grocery shopping ahead of time. Plus, you’ll want to discuss the ground rules for things like having guests over. Make sure that these rules are agreed upon before you move in.

Set a cleaning schedule

No one likes to live in a messy environment. But when you’re sharing a studio apartment, things tend to pile up much quicker. It is best to set a cleaning schedule or spend a few minutes tidying up each day. Not only will this help to keep your apartment in good shape, but it can also help you bond with your friend.

Shop for décor and furniture together

Buying décor and furniture together can be a fun roommate bonding experience, and it will help you avoid any disagreement. While you may have a vision for the place you’re living in, your roommate might not agree with you. Whenever you’re buying something for the studio apartment, make sure that you consult your roomie.

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Try to stay out of each other’s space

No matter how hard your roomie tries to stay out of your way, finding alone time in a shared studio apartment is not easy. Hence, it’s best to get used to sharing a small space with your friend. Try to meet your friends outside of your apartment or go for a walk – an easy way to give yourself some space.

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