Maybe you’re a young professional looking to be independent in a new city or a student looking for someplace to live while studying. While browsing through room finders, you’ll encounter different types of apartments that you may be unfamiliar with. But don’t worry! We understand the confusion as there are many apartment styles out there.

That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive list of all the different types of apartments out there.

10 Different Types of Apartments

Apartment-hunting is not an easy task, but knowing which kind you want of the many types of apartments can make your experience much easier. How many bedrooms do you need? How about a backyard space? Or maybe a shared living space? There are many things to consider! So, don’t forget to factor in everything you need while knowing more about these 10 different types of apartments.

1. Studio

A studio is one of the most common apartment styles since it only consists of one room. It has an open floor plan with the bedroom, living room, and kitchen in one space.

  • Alcove Studio: An alcove studio is a variation of the regular studio, but with an L partition in the living room. This creates a more private space and is a perfect nook for a bed or a desk.
  • Convertible Studio and Apartment: From the name itself, a convertible studio is a different type of studio with more space. This apartment-style is big enough to construct a wall to create a bedroom. On the other hand, there’s enough space to make a secondary room in a convertible apartment. In general, a convertible apartment can have two bedrooms, while the studio can only have one bedroom.

2. Micro Apartment

Similar to a studio, a micro-apartment has one room that’s only around 350 square feet. This type of apartment has space for sleeping, sitting, a small bathroom, and a kitchenette. Usually, micro-units have flexible furniture like a foldable bed or kitchen table to maximize space.

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3. Junior 1-Bedroom

In simple terms, a junior 1-bedroom is a medium-sized apartment. It differs from a studio with its size and separated bedroom from the living area. Of all the types of apartments, this apartment-style is simple and has enough space for most!

4. Loft

A loft is a type of apartment with a high ceiling. It’s one large room with big windows and a full sleeping and kitchen area. These types of apartment styles are similar to studios and are usually converted into residential spaces from historic warehouses.

5. Duplex and Triplex

If you’re looking for shared living spaces but with your own privacy, a duplex or a triplex could be the apartment style for you. Plus, these types of apartments are perfect for families or a group of friends.

  • Duplex: A duplex typically has two separate units with their own entrances. It can be side-by-side or with a second level.
  • Triplex: Similarly, a triplex has three units rather than two. It also has three separate entrances, but the size of the units are usually the same.

6. Garden Apartment

This type of apartment is on the ground floor with direct access to a backyard or garden area. A garden apartment is normally in a smaller apartment community that’s surrounded by garden space.

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7. Railroad Apartment

Often found in smaller and older buildings, a railroad apartment is less common in all apartment styles. It consists of three or four rooms connected without a hallway, forming a thin rectangle and resembling a train passenger car.

8. Walk-up Apartment

A walk-up is a type of apartment where you have to use stairs to access the building. Buildings with a walk-up apartment are small and normally don’t have elevators. So, there are fewer tenants in this apartment-style.

9. Co-Op Apartment

Called a housing cooperative (“co-op”), this is a housing community where a group of people owns a property together. With shared living spaces, everyone can live in the property as long as they share in paying for it!

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10. Penthouse

Lastly, a penthouse is an apartment on the top-most floor of a building. It’s the most luxurious, among all types of apartments, typically large in size. Some even have a private elevator to reach the unit. Often, a penthouse features an outstanding view of the city and is expensive.

From all the apartment styles, what’s your pick?

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