Apartments come in different shapes and sizes. If you’re not used to the terminology, it may be difficult to keep track of what’s what. One common choice people have to make during their apartment search is between a high-rise vs low-rise apartment. Though most people love an apartment with a view, they may not fit with your apartment and lifestyle. So, let’s look at the pros and cons between the two and determine which one is best for you!

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High-Rise vs Low-Rise Apartment: What are they?

Imagine a flight of 200 stairs and a building with 10 stories. That’s what a high-rise building looked like in ancient Rome. Luckily, they now come with elevators to make going up and down easier.

The difference between a high-rise and low-rise apartment is in their height. If it’s at least 7 stories tall, it’s a high-rise apartment. Otherwise, it is a low-rise apartment. High-rise apartments can also go as high as 20-30 stories, and give that feeling of being above the world, and beyond the anyone’s reach.

Pros and Cons of High-Rise vs Low-Rise Apartment

While each has its perks over the other, your eventual choice will depend on personal preference. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of high-rise vs low-rise apartments.

Pros of High-Rise Apartments

Stunning views

High-rise apartments offer stunning views of any city, allowing you to see far and wide and with the radiance of natural light. It’s the kind of scenery that‘ll leave an impression on you every time.

Additional security

Most high-rise buildings come with a doorman, security, and other staff, which can make living in the apartment easier and safer.

More Lease Options

You’re more likely to find a lease in a high-rise apartment than you would in a low-rise. So if you’re looking to get settled quickly, an high-rise building is most likely where you’ll land.

Easier to settle down

Most high-rise apartments come with pre-installed utilities like cable, internet, and the like. This makes it easy to start enjoying your home once you move in.

Quick maintenance fixes

It’s also easy to get repairs and maintenance done because most high-rise apartments have an on-site property management office to handle such requests.

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Cons of High-Rise Apartments


Often, high-rise apartments are more expensive because of their locations.


In cases of emergency, living in a high-rise building will make getting to safety difficult compared to living in a low-rise apartment.

Pros of Low-Rise Apartments

Easy street access

You’ll have quick access to the street level if you stay in a low-rise apartment. This is especially important if you live with an elderly or disabled person or in the event of an emergency.

More amenities

Low-rise apartments usually have more amenities, like pools, gardens, clubhouses, and more parking spaces. And all these amenities available with the apartment are relatively cheaper than those of a high-rise apartment.

Peaceful location

You’ll find low-rise apartments in peaceful, outer residential neighborhoods. Yes, it is often some distance from the city center meaning longer commute times However, it more than makes up for this setback with less traffic congestion, cleaner environments, and a greater sense of community.

Cons of Low-Rise Apartments


The views from a low-rise apartment are often not as stunning as those from a high-rise condo.

Congested spaces

Shared corridors and hallways in low-rise apartments could lead to more congestion at busier times in the day. This may not be ideal if you like your privacy.

Which Floor Should You Live On?

In deciding on what floor you want to live on, it’s important to remember that some of the pros of each apartment type may be lost depending on your floor. By this, we mean that the difference between a high-rise and low-rise apartment is influenced by the floor on which you stay. So there’s no single answer to this question. Rather, it must be decided on an apartment-by-apartment basis.

For example, living on a low level of a high-rise condo may give you as much access to the street as a low-rise apartment. Conversely, staying at the highest level of a low-rise apartment may offer you a better view of the city than the first floor of a high-rise building.

So which one is better between a high-rise vs low-rise apartment? This is a question you must ask and answer yourself based on your preferences and budget. Once you’ve decided, check out our (Roomi) collection of high-rise and low-rise rental apartments to find those that fit your budget.

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