With the right amenities, an apartment can become so much more than just a roof over your head. That’s why in your search for an apartment, you must look beyond the bare necessities to consider the apartment amenities that are important to you. The right amenities can turn your home into a piece of paradise in the midst of a busy city. Not sure what you need? Here’s everything you should know about apartment amenities and the ones to look for in your next apartment.

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What are Apartment Amenities?

These are the nonessential equipment and features that come with some apartments, that go beyond the basic needs to make a place more comfortable. Common examples include a swimming pool, laundry room, playground, dog parks, garages, etc. While some may be free to use, some landlords charge their residents an amenity fee. Whichever the case may be, landlords use apartment amenities to attract new renters or to keep old renters happy.

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Can you get apartment amenities for free?

Nothing is ever really free. It just means someone else paid for it. Are apartment amenities free? Well, yes, kind of – because you don’t have to pay separately for them. The price is often factored in with your rental fee. Generally, apartments with amenities cost more than regular apartments when you go apartment hunting because you get all this extra stuff.

Ensure you research the neighborhood to find out the average market price of an apartment. In fact, that way, you’ll have an idea of what’s been charged for the apartment amenities, and can decide if it’s worth it.

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What are some must-have apartment amenities?

Let’s be honest…apartment hunting in NYC in itself is not an easy task! When you’ve got your heart set on specific apartment amenities, renting in NYC becomes even more difficult. However, the comfort and enjoyment that’ll follow make the tough search all worth it.

In the end, the amenities you get in your apartment will depend on your taste and budget when you’re renting in NYC. Here are our general recommendations based on popular demand:

  1. Air conditioning system: An A/C will keep your apartment cool in ways no fan ever could. If you’re going to get an apartment with more than one room, an A/C is one of the best apartment amenities in 2021 for you.
  2. Laundry facility: This will come either as an in-unit amenity in a community setting or the apartment will be fitted with one. Whatever the case, having one where it is easily accessible will prevent the added stress of carrying heavy laundry around.
  3. Storage space: Often necessary but usually overlooked. You need a place to keep things instead of just leaving them all around the house. Having a storage space or a large enough closet solves this need.
  4. Security system: Be it a video intercom at your front door or security cameras around the apartment, a security system is one of the best apartment amenities in 2021.
  5. Dishwasher: Can you name anyone that likes washing dishes? Exactly. However, the dishes will always need to be cleared. A dishwasher makes the post-dinner clean-up so much more efficient!
  6. Secure parking: Sure, you’ll want to get an apartment in a safe neighborhood. Beyond that, you should consider going for an apartment that has a secure parking lot. This is safer than just parking your car on the road and has become one of the best apartment amenities in 2021.
  7. Windows: Yes, you read that right. Having a window that lets in natural light matters. Apart from improving your mood in the morning by causing serotonin release, sun rays shining across your face can wake you up from sleep – like an alarm clock, but nicer.
  8. Online rent payments: Some landlords insist on collecting their rent in cash when due. Avoid those. When apartment hunting, go for apartments that allow you to pay directly from your bank account. It is more convenient and secure, as you have digital records of everything that way.

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Bottom Line

When room hunting, look for apartment amenities that really serve your needs. Moreover, doing so will make your life easier, more comfortable, and renting in NYC will become one of your most treasured memories! With Roomi’s filters, you can select the apartment amenities you want to find an apartment that has it all!