So you’ve decided to move to your dream borough – Manhattan! Home to some of our favorite TV show characters like Monica & Rachel from Friends or Carrie from Sex And The City. This borough has an undeniable charm, which is also why it is often romanticized by artists and directors. Living in NYC is indeed very dreamy. However, Manhattan’s pricey reputation precedes its undeniable fame. With soaring rental prices, this borough is not the first choice for first-time NYC renters. So how does one find cheap apartments in New York, specifically in Manhattan? Let’s find out, shall we? 🙂

How to find cheap apartments while living in NYC?

Living in NYC for a while or a first-time renter? Researching and understanding neighborhoods will help you find cheap apartments in New York. Let’s look at some of the most affordable neighborhoods in Manhattan!

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1. Inwood

Credits: Street Easy

Average Rent: $2,168

Subway:  Line 1 and A and the closest station is Dyckman St [A]

Inwood is located on the Northern side of Manhattan. This cutesy heart island on the Manhattan map is surrounded by the Harlem & Hudson rivers. The neighborhood is not as fancy as SoHo or Tribecca but it’s definitely unique. The Inwood Hill Park, restaurants, and tight-knit communities make this enclave worth the move!

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2. Washington Heights

Credits: Street Easy

Average Rent: $2,345

SubwayLine 1 and A

While this neighborhood feels a little distant from the rest of the city, it has a lot to offer. Many people living in NYC swear by the cheap rents and spacious apartments in this area. In addition to cheap rentals, a serene ambiance & traditional food joints lure renters from all over New York!

So if you’re a student looking to find cheap apartments in New York, then this is just the neighborhood for you.

3. Lenox Hill on the Upper East

Average rent: $2,000

ap into the ultimate living-in-NYC experience that this neighborhood offers. With stunning views of Central Park and the right to be called an Upper East Sider – this neighborhood screams luxury! If you’re lucky you can find a one-bedroom apartment for $2,200 to $2,600 range.

4. Fort George

Credits: The New York Times

Average Rent: $2,268

Another one of those hidden gems in Manhattan with affordable rent. Fort George borders Inwood, Washington Heights, and Hudson Heights. This quiet and serene site is also known as one of the hilliest neighborhoods on the island. This place is a great alternative for those looking to find cheap apartments in New York but can’t afford to live in popular neighborhoods of Brooklyn & Manhattan.

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5. Hamilton Heights

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Average Rent: $2,598

Lush green scapes, raw history, and pre wars galore, Hamilton Heights is no ordinary neighborhood. It is home to historic districts, buildings, and also the infamous River State Park. The beauty of this neighborhood is slowly catching up amongst millennials, art lovers, and hipsters. Additionally many students of City College of New York, and the Dance Theatre of Harlem choose this neighborhood because of its accessibility. With deals as low as $1,650, this neighborhood is a must-visit for all looking to find cheap apartments in New York.

6. Manhattanville

Credits: Street easy

Average Rent: $2,700

Subway: A/B/C/D and 1 train lines

Another great neighborhood to find cheap apartments in New York!

Manhattanville is quite accessible with several subway lines serving this enclave. Moreover, its strategic location aids in faster commute to mid/lower Manhattan as compared to other affordable options. Here you will find beautiful sites, shops, restaurants, and easy access to the waterfront along the Hudson & Riverbank state park. This neighborhood is also a popular choice among students and teachers of Uni/colleges like-Columbia University, Manhattan Music School, City

We hope that this blog makes living in NYC cheaper and easier for you! While most of the average rent is above $2000, you can still find good deals for a price lesser than that.

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