Moving to another city is one of the most exciting things you could do in your life. Did you know that with 8.5 million residents, New York City Moving to another city is one of the most exciting things you could do in your life. And moving to NYC? Well, that’s definitely the experience of a lifetime! With 8.5 million residents, New York City is the most populated city in the United States. It’s got fantastic food, a diverse group of interesting people, and so much to see and do! Irrespective of which sphere of life you come from, NYC has a little something for everyone! Because of all it has to offer, NYC is one of the greatest cities in the world! So if you’re moving to NYC or thinking about it, at least, this blog will help you prep for it.

Moving To NYC As A Student

If you’re moving to NYC to study, one thing you can be sure of is getting to interact with a variety of people from all over the world. You’ll get to not only experience different cultures but also interact If you’re moving to NYC to study, one thing you can be sure of is getting to interact with a variety of people from all over the world. You’ll get to experience different cultures and interact directly with people from these beautiful cultures. Some of the top universities in this city are Columbia University, Cornell University, and of course NYU! So, not only do you get to interact with a multicultural community, but you also get one of the best educations in the world! We’ll tell you this much: it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Moving To NYC As A Professional

On the other hand, if you’re moving to NYC to work, then you’re going to have a completely different kind of experience. You’ll have numerous opportunities to network with people from all over the world, from different levels in the work ladder, and even from different industries. From work in medical care to sales and everything in between, there’s always a demand in the work force. It’s a great place to make contacts that you can use at some point in your career to really move up. And the icing on the cake – the average salary in NYC is a whopping $81k! Granted, cost of living is a little higher but you’ll definitely have the money to live comfortably. Whether you’re moving to NYC to study or work, we’ve got all the details you need.

What Now?

Now that we’ve given you some sort of an idea of what moving to NYC will look like for you, let’s dive into the details! First, we’ll talk about the city itself – the different neighborhoods you can find, famous landmarks, and the most popular myths about living in NYC. Then we’ll take you through the best time to move to NYC, what the average cost of living in the city is, and lastly the pros and cons of moving to NYC. Lastly, we’ll also give you a peek into what renting in this huge city looks like. All in all, this blog is your one-stop guide to everything you need to know about moving to NYC.

Getting To Know The City

The quality of your NYC living experience will depend upon whereabouts you live. There are five boroughs in NYC that all have their own little neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods can be really expensive and some underrated NYC neighborhoods are a gold mine in terms of the price point and the location. Getting to know more about these two will help you choose the right location for you.

The Main Boroughs in NYC

A borough is sort of like a small city within the much larger city. There are five main boroughs in NYC, let’s take a look at each of them below!

The Bronx

Located near the Harlem River, this borough is unique because it is the only one that is located on the mainland and not off the river. If you love languages, then this is the place for you! There are over 75 languages spoken in this borough. The two most common languages are Spanish and English.

Culturally, it is also known for hip hop and rap. Popular attractions to keep an eye out for are the Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Garden, and the Yankee Stadium.


The most famous part of NYC is, of course, Manhattan! If there’s a If you don’t mind commuting by ferry, then Staten Island is a beautiful place to live in. With fewer tourist attractions, living here when moving to NYC is perfect for those who enjoy quieter localities. If you don’t love the idea of getting the ferry, you can also travel by road over the Verrazano-Narrows bridge from Brooklyn.


This borough of Brooklyn is probably the next most popular part of NYC. It’s quite densely populated, in fact the most densely populated part of the city. If you’re one for quiet spaces and less people, this borough is probably not the best fit for you. On the other hand, if you’re a history buff, this might be the place for you. Check out the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the historic Brooklyn Heights district.

Staten Island

If you don’t mind commuting by ferry, then Staten Island is a beautiful place to live in. It doesn’t have many tourist attractions, so it’s perfect for those who enjoy quieter localities. If you don’t love the idea of If you don’t mind commuting by ferry, then Staten Island is a beautiful place to live in. With fewer tourist attractions, living here when moving to NYC is perfect for those who enjoy quieter localities. If you don’t love the idea of getting the ferry, you can also travel by road over the Verrazano-Narrows bridge from Brooklyn.

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The last borough on our list, Queens, is a great place to live if you The last borough on our list, Queens, is a great place to live if you want to experience a very dynamic environment and a diversity of cultures. This is a developing borough with many opportunities. The most famous industries here are art, tourism, and cinema.

These boroughs may look crowded for some but they all have spacious, green and the most walkable neighborhoods in NYC– it’s all about preference and research. If you need more information on these areas, here’s an NYC borough guide you can use.

Famous Landmarks

If you’re moving to NYC, you’ve got to look out for its famous landmarks. New York is a city full of skyscrapers and architectural wonders. Not only that, it’s also home to some very popular cultural attractions! Here are a few you’ll want to add to your NYC bucket list!

Statue of Liberty

Maybe the most recognizable landmark in the world, the Statue of Liberty is located at the south end of Manhattan. It stands 152 feet tall and weighs a humongous 450,000 pounds!

Empire State Building

At 381 meters tall, this is one of New York’s tallest buildings. And the view from the top of the Empire State Building is breathtaking.

Times Square

Buzzing activity, flashing lights, and crowds of people define Times Square. The most iconic event to take place here is the ‘ball drop’ that happens every New Year’s Eve!

Grand Central Station

A location for many famous movie scenes, this historical landmark is truly a sight to behold. With a restored ceiling showing a celestial scene, this station is a must-visit for New Yorkers and tourists alike.

Pop Culture Destinations

Central Perk

This cafe is the most popular for being the favorite hangout of the This cafe is the most popular for being the favorite hangout of the characters in Friends. You can visit it as part of a tour organized by Warner Bros. Studio. In addition to this stop, you can also visit popular culture hotspots. This includes The Big Bang Theory set, the Harry Potter and DC comic book worlds, and so much more!

Sleepy Hollow

If you’re someone who loves spooky stories, the legend of Sleepy Hollow must be familiar to you. This little village is located about 30 miles away from NYC. It has a host of events to celebrate the famous Headless Horseman tale and even more stories and legends. Beware, you might even run into a few local ghosts here!

Myths About Living In NYC

Almost every place in the world has stories about what makes it a terrible place to be. Let’s look into the most common New York myths to see just how true (or false) they are!

It’s Too Expensive

The cost of living in NYC is often said to be unbelievably high. But, depending on the neighborhood you choose to live in, your rent could actually be quite reasonable. Brooklyn and Queens as well as some places just outside of NYC have cheap apartments you can rent. Yes, food can be quite expensive but there are definitely cheaper, more authentic options available if you want to live on a budget!

People Are Unfriendly

One of the biggest myths about NYC is that New Yorkers are rude and unfriendly. Contrary to this belief, however, the city’s inhabitants are actually quite friendly and willing to help out newcomers. Granted, they don’t always seem to have the time, but they’re definitely not just rude.

It’s Unsafe

This is a popular myth that is associated with almost every big city in the world. However, in NYC, the police force and firefighters do their best to keep inhabitants of the city safe at all times. In fact, crime in NYC has dropped by 5.4% in the last year with a huge 30.7% decrease in shooting crimes. So really, you can enjoy the beauty of NYC without worrying too much about crime.

It’s A Concrete Jungle

Is NYC the land of skyscrapers? Absolutely. But, does this mean it’s a concrete jungle? Absolutely not! There are over 1700 parks, recreation centers, and play areas spread out all over the city. They’re great if you want to exercise or even just spend some time in nature, away from all your screens!

When Is The Best Time To Move To NYC?

When it comes to actually shifting, when should you move? Ideally, you want to move when rent is cheapest. The best time to move to NYC is in the tourist off-season – which is from October to February. This also coincides perfectly with the winter season in the city.

Why Are There Lower Rent Prices At These Times?

Why is this the case, you may be wondering? Here’s a look at the most common reasons.

Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Winters in NYC can get pretty brutal with a lot of snow. This means not a lot of tourists want to visit, and even those moving here want to wait until it’s a little warmer. If you brave the cold, you’re almost certain to get a good apartment for a much cheaper rate. In fact, prices start going down in October and are at their lowest in February.

Fewer People House Hunting

There are fewer people looking for rental properties. This is partly because the weather is bad. But also, this period is when internships and summer jobs come to an end, leaving a lot of places empty. Whether you’re a student or a professional, renting in NYC is more budget-friendly if you sign your lease in the winter.

What’s The Average Cost Of Living In NYC?

When you’re planning your budget for living in NYC, there are a number of factors for you to keep in mind – average rent, food and entertainment, and traveling. With a monthly budget planned, it’ll be easier for you to see if you’re making enough. If not, you may need a part-time or second job.

Average Rent in NYC

Remember the different boroughs we discussed earlier? The average rent in NYC differs from one to the other and quite significantly so. For instance, the average rent in Staten Island is $1518 a month, but in Manhattan, it goes all the way up to a whopping $4045! But, in all of these places, you can save on rent if you have roommates to share the cost.

Cost of Living and Budgeting

It’s important to know what moving to NYC looks like in terms of renting and budgeting. In most rental agreements, you will find that the majority of your utilities are covered in the monthly rent. The only extras you’ll need are gas and electricity. For these, you can expect to shell out about $50 a month. If that sounds a bit steep to you, you might want to consider getting a roommate or two to be able to split the cost.

Then, for your internet and phone bills, you can budget about $100 – 30% for the internet and the rest for your phone. Lastly, food costs. Living in New York, grocery shopping should only cost you about $300 a month, if you budget well. But, if you enjoy eating out and experimenting with different restaurants, a good three-course meal for two will cost about $100 on its own.

Traveling in NYC

Public transit in NYC is a great way to travel fast and cheaply. Your best bet is to get a monthly metro card which costs roughly $127. And if you don’t have far to go, you can always walk, because NYC is a very pedestrian-friendly city!

Pros And Cons Of Living In NYC

Every city is known for some good things and some … not-so-good things. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of living in New York.

Pros of Living in NYC


A city that is constantly buzzing with energy and movement means a city where everything is easily accessible. Whether you’re craving pizza at 3am or want to visit one of the pubs in NYC, you’ll always find something open. New York isn’t called “the city that never sleeps” for nothing!

History and culture of NYC

Did you know that New York is often considered the cultural capital of the United States? This fact is not surprising as the city is home to 83 museums (yes, you read that right!), beautiful libraries, and little nooks full of historical facts.  If you’re considering moving to NYC, you’ll always have something to look forward to. Your weekends will never be boring, and living in this city is a truly enriching experience.

Excellent public transit services

New York city is one of the few cities in the world where the public transit system is so efficient that you won’t miss having your own vehicle. More than 10 million people use the subway in NYC every day, and with how well connected it is, you’ll be able to get to just about anywhere you want without the hassle of traffic.

Exposure to cultures from around the world

Just like the history and culture of NYC itself, the variety of culture and diversity you see here is phenomenal. From traditional food from nearly every part of the world countries to attire and festivals, you’ll fit in here seamlessly, no matter where you come from.

Higher salaries and more work opportunities

Moving to NYC brings exceptional chances for growth careerwise. Whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur or an early career professional, there’s nowhere else that’ll give you this range of opportunity and networking. Whether you’re interested in art, fashion design, marketing, journalism or sports, this is the place to go to follow your dreams! Not to mention, New Yorkers earn higher salaries for their work because it’s such a hotspot for industries and companies! Surviving in NYC seems pretty doable now, right?

Cons Of Living In NYC

Higher cost of living

One of the main reasons people are wary of living in NYC is the One of the main reasons people are wary of moving to NYC is the extremely high rental costs. This one expense contributes significantly to the high cost of living. Unless you share an apartment with someone, you will be spending a significant chunk of your earnings on rent. Once the main rent is cut down, it’s fairly easy to manage your food, transport, and utility costs every month. Finding cheap apartments in NYC may be difficult, but it’s definitely not impossible! Don’t forget, the average salary is also higher in NYC. With careful planning when it comes to budget, location, and co-living, you can live well within your means!


New York is, after all, the most populous city in America. While some New York is, after all, the most populous city in America. While some people may see this as a con, we’re here to tell you it can also be a huge pro! How else would you get to meet people from all over the world? But, if you’re still someone who prefers some alone time and quiet spots, there’s no dearth of them in NYC. There are many beautiful parks and green spaces for you to relax in. You could also go to a library, museum, or even a little café for some downtime. Moving to NYC is great because it’s always easy to find something that suits you.


The best seasons in NYC are spring and fall. The summers can get very humid, and the winters are extremely chilly. The best thing to do is to have a diverse wardrobe so you are equipped for any kind of weather!

How Do You Find A Room In NYC?

There are many ways and portals to find rooms in NYC, like craigslist, Facebook, and room finder apps. However, not all of them are created equally. With a rise in trends of false listings and rental scams, it’s important to trust and browse only credible sites. With Roomi, the content moderation team ensures that the listings you find, are real and safe. You can also filter by 15+ preferences, including your budget, the amenities you want, and the location, to see only the most relevant results. Plus, with our app, you can easily find no-fee apartments, i.e., no broker fees to be paid on top of your rent!

Living Your Best Life Doesn’t Mean You Have To Go Broke In NYC!

You may be concerned about the cost of living in NYC for International Students or how much fun you can have in NYC if you’re on a tight budget. It may seem like your only options are to stay home and save money in NYC, or doing everything you want and going broke. Here’s a few tips on how budgeting in NYC can be practical and still allow you to live your best life in the Big Apple!

Sublet your place

If you’re traveling out of the city, whether that’s for a weekend or a whole month, you can save on your rental expenses by subletting. There’s no lack of people moving to NYC or even just visiting. So, it’s super easy for you to find a subletter when you’re out of town. In fact, Roomi has a safe way to verify the identity of your potential roommate if you decide to sublet!

Cook more at home

Going out to sample the delicious food NYC has to offer is super tempting. But, you might burn a hole in your pocket if you do it too often. Cooking a majority of your meals at home is a great way to save money. If you have roommates, cooking together could be a great way to socialize and try different cuisines!

Get monthly travel passes

A Metro card for the whole month costs about $127, which is a lot more economical than buying daily tickets or even getting a weekly pass for $33. If you’re a student, make sure you check for even more discounted rates on these passes. Walk where you can, or use the public transit system instead of an Uber or a taxi in NYC, which are way more expensive.

Work part-time

This might seem like a lot of effort on top of your studies, but working part-time is a great way to earn money that’ll help you cover your living expenses! Moving to NYC is great as a student, especially. It’s super easy to find jobs as a tutor, a waiter/waitress, etc. Talk to your peers, check out Facebook groups, or inquire at establishments near you for openings.

Live with others

Lastly, a great way to save money is by reducing the amount you spend on rent every month. You can do this by coliving in NYC or sharing your space with roommates. Of course, when you’re planning on moving to NYC, safety is a top priority, and finding good people to live with may seem like a daunting task. But by downloading the Roomi app for iOS or Android, you can find roommates and shared accommodation in a secure, safe manner.

So, Should You Move To New York?

When thinking about moving to NYC, there are so many things to keep in mind. But, when you weigh up the pros and cons, which wins? Should you move to NYC? It is the place where culture, history, art, and opportunity all come together. It is truly the land of dreams come true! At the end of the day, living in NYC in your 20s is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you may never get the chance to revisit.

If you need any help with finding rooms, apartments, sublets, or roommates, Roomi’s got your back! Visit the website or join the app and get in touch with the team today. In fact, with 24/7 content and moderation support, amenities like you won’t believe, and no-fee apartments, your dream home is just a click away!

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