Are you considering relocating to “The Big Apple”? If you are considering which of NYC’s five boroughs to call home, then get rooms for rent in Bronx county or “the Bronx”, with its melting pot of cultures and pride. While Manhattan will always be accessible, one of the primary benefits to living in the Bronx is its varied landscape and lower costs of living, primarily due to the lower rental rates. Not sure where to begin your search? Learn about the best places to get apartments for rent in Bronx.

Getting to know Bronx

The Bronx is a borough in New York City located at the northernmost end of the city, and it is the only borough that is on the mainland, as the others are islands! Geographically, The Bronx is a very diverse borough. Some regions are so hilly, staircases are used instead of sidewalks to connect the streets. There is a great deal of variation in the apartments in Bronx in terms of neighborhoods, types of housing, views, and others. Certain enclaves (such as Riverdale) offer views of the river, large homes, and leafy streets. Others are more industrial, with apartments and lots of warehouses as opposed to home-based mom-and-pop shops. The best way to learn more about The Bronx? Go outside and experience the world for yourself.

While most people seeking an experience of New York flock to Brooklyn or Manhattan, there’s plenty of NYC pride to be found in The Bronx as well. The Bronx is home to baseball team the New York Yankees and their corresponding stadium, as well as valued green spaces such as Van Cortlandt Park, the Bronx Zoo, and more. The Bronx is not only known as the birthplace of hip-hop, but also for its close-knit community atmosphere.

Finding rooms for rent in Bronx

Compared to living in Manhattan and Brooklyn, you may be pleasantly surprised to find rooms for rent in Bronx to be much lower and more affordable. Nevertheless, rents in the Bronx remain above the national average.

These are some of the neighborhoods where you can find apartments in Bronx.

Top neighborhoods in Bronx

  • RIVERDALE: Probably the best place to get apartments for rent in Bronx. Riverdale is a beautiful and family-friendly neighborhood, and it has been attracting young families for years. The best aspect of this area is its safety. In comparison to other NYC areas, Riverdale is safer than 85% of them. It is also 20 minutes away from Manhattan.
  • PELHAM BAY: In a similar way to Riverdale, Pelham Bay is a favorite destination for retirees and families alike. There has been one reported crime per 1000 residents annually in this middle-class neighborhood, which is extremely low for an urban area. Pelham Bay is home to both suburban and urban apartments and rooms for rent in Bronx. Pelham Bay Park is the largest park in NYC.
  • FORDHAM: Fordham is home to Fordham University, which is why the borough is well-known for its younger population. The nightlife is exciting and shopping enthusiasts can stroll along Fordham Road. On Arthur Avenue you can also find some of the most delectable New York City Italian cuisine. This area is home to the beautiful New York Botanical Garden and the Paradise Theater. As a student, this is a great place to get apartments in Bronx.

Average rent in Bronx

In addition to all the wonderful features that make this area unique, safe, and exciting, you’ll find that the rooms for rent in Bronx are more than affordable.  Like in most cities, rent will differ depending on the area you choose.

Rooms in Bronx Average Rent
Studio Apartment in Bronx $1,953
1 Bedroom Apartment in Bronx $1,767
2 Bedroom Apartment in Bronx $2,862
3 Bedroom Apartment in Bronx $3,606

University life in Bronx

In and around the Bronx, there are several colleges including a maritime college, two City University campuses, and a number of private four-year colleges. Here’s a list of 5 universities and colleges to look out for in Bronx:

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How transit friendly is Bronx

The Bronx offers excellent ways to move about in the city, the most preferred being the bus transit system.

1. Walkability:

The Bronx, NY has a Walk Score of 93 out of 100. This location is a Walker’s Paradise so daily errands do not require a car.

2. Roads/Traffic:

Many New Yorkers and tourists who have been to New York City will suggest you not drive in the city. Generally, people do not need a car since they can take a taxi or take the subway to get where they need to go. Parking costs can quickly add up, especially if you’re staying for several days.

3. Taxis

Taxicabs are available in two colors: yellow and green; they are one of the city’s most recognizable symbols. Yellow taxis (medallion taxis) are capable of dropping off passengers anywhere in the five boroughs. Those painted apple green (street hail livery vehicles, commonly known as “Boro taxis”) pick up passengers in the Bronx, Upper Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens (excluding John F. Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport), and Brooklyn.

4. Public transportation

This is handled by the MTA Regional Bus Operations bus fleet. They also offer overnight transport services.

5. Airports

New York LaGuardia Airport (LGA) is the nearest airport to The Bronx. The distance between New York LaGuardia Airport and The Bronx is approximately 5.0 miles (8.1 kilometers.)

6. Cycle Friendly

Of the 5 boroughs, The Bronx comes 4th in safety for cyclists and 45th in the entire country. Making it a not-so-friendly state to cycle in. This is according to a report on Street Blogs.

Tourism in Bronx

Most tourists will no doubt never make it to the Bronx (unless perhaps to watch a baseball game at Yankee Stadium). That’s a real shame, because the overlooked borough has a lot to offer when it comes to culture. First, it is home to hip-hop culture. A few other highlights include the oldest public golf course in the country (Van Cortlandt), Bronx Museum of the Arts, Edgar Allan Poe Cottage, and New York City’s sprawling botanical gardens.

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Population in Bronx

According to projected figures by the World Population Review, the approximate population of Bronx County is 1,390,450, with an annual growth rate of -0.99%, according to the most recent United States census statistics. Bronx County, New York is the sixth most populous county in New York. The population in 2010 was 1,387,300 and has experienced a growth of 0.23% over the past year.

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