If you’re anything like us, you’re dreaming of a post-pandemic world too. And you’re craving to travel and explore the outdoors again in a mask-free world. However, the world is still out and about with precautions in place. Thankfully, there are great festivals in New York to enjoy the warmth of community outside the walls of your apartment. So here’s your guide to the best festivals in NYC you can plan for in 2021. (With necessary precautions, of course.)

1. Naples Grape Festival in NYC

The Naples Grape Festival in NYC has been held since 1961. This is one of the most fun festivals in NYC. It celebrates the area’s grape harvest, along with talented artisans, winemakers, and of course, music and delicious food! It also invites attendees to bake pies for the ‘World’s greatest grape pie contest.’ Which makes it one of the best festivals in New York, in our hungry opinion.

Source: wishesanddishes.com

Where and when is the Naples grape festival in New York?

Held every September, you can find it at the Naples High School Grounds and across the street at Memorial Town Hall from 10 am till 5 pm. That too, rain or shine, or pandemic, in this case.

So plan a much-needed trip with family, roommates, or friends. Because this is one of the festivals in NYC with a lot to offer. But do remember to check their website before you make final plans.

The website currently mentions:

We are planning to have the 2021 Grape Festival, as long as the Naples Town and Village, Naples Central School, and NYS guidelines permit.

Policies regarding full or partial refunds, or having full payments rolled over to the 2022 festival will be determined by August 30th, 2021.

2. Puerto Rican Day Parade

The National Puerto Rican Day Parade is one of the festivals in New York that successfully harbors a sense of community for all Puerto Ricans in the country. It honors the millions of inhabitants of Puerto Rico and people with Puerto Rican heritage that live in the U.S.A. You can also spot many celebrities and politicians of Puerto Rican heritage that come in support from the Tri-State area for this fun festival in NYC.

Source: democratandchronicle.com

Where and when is the Puerto Rican Parade?

The Puerto Rican Day Parade is an annual festival in New York that is held on the second Sunday in June every year! The parade usually marches along Fifth Avenue, from 44th to 86th street, and is considered to be one of the largest festivals in New York. However, we don’t yet know how small scale it is going to be this year. Or whether it can be held at all. You can stay updated on the details on their Facebook page.

3. Art festival in NYC: Frieze

Art lovers and enthusiasts, unite for one of the best art festivals in NYC!

Frieze New York has art fairs to fill you with a sense of calm as you decipher curated works of art from New York, other cities in the US, and around the world!

Source: frieze.com

Where and when is the Frieze Festival?

The Frieze art festival will be held at The Shed in Manhattan, from the 6th to the 9th of May, 2021. And they’ve already started sales for early bird tickets along with important COVID19 guidelines to follow.

4. Summer Stage Festival in NYC

This is one of the largest, free outdoor festivals in NYC. It usually takes place in Central Park and 17 neighborhood parks around the city. The festival spans from June-October, presenting approximately 100 performances — the majority of which are free of charge — for 200,000+ audiences annually!

Where and when is the summer stage festival?

While it is very exciting, the word ‘largest’ surely doesn’t help in times like these. Which is why the ‘summer stage anywhere‘ initiative has been conceptualized. So we can comfort ourselves with beautiful performance art while we wait for the world to get normal.

You can also head on to their YouTube Channel to enjoy past performances while you sit and sip on wine with your roommates, friends, or family!

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