The Holiday season is finally here, and it’s time for all to cheer! Thanksgiving has just gone by and Christmas Day is right around the corner. When we think about Christmas, we think about all the things we’re allowed to do, that we normally wouldn’t. Chocolate for breakfast, anyone?

If you’re anything like us, you enjoy the morning spent feasting and sharing gifts. Then, you’re left scratching your head for what to do for the rest of the day – before the huge Christmas dinner, anyway! There are lots of things to do on Christmas day that truly capture the essence of the holiday season. We’ve curated a list, just for you, of all the jolly things you can do on the happiest day of the year!

1. Bake!

Of all the things to do on Christmas Day, this one surely has to be the yummiest! Fruit cake and sugar cookies are a Christmas staple. And we can’t forget gingerbread houses! What’s a better way to indulge in these delicacies than to bake your own?

An old Christmas custom was to fast for multiple days leading up to the big holiday and finally eat to your heart’s content on Christmas eve. While many of us may not fast anymore, we can surely feast! Baking with your family or roommates is a great way to bond with them, as well as come up with some delectable goodies to share and devour.

2. Binge Christmas Movies

Movies dedicated to the biggest holiday of the year are an entire genre in themselves. Something about these movies really ends up making us all feel giddy, and we can’t get enough of them! Every year, a number of new Christmas movies are released, and despite a lot of them having similar plots, we love to binge them.

So get out your TV guides (if that’s a thing anymore) and mix up your movie playlists with the newbies and the classics!

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3. Volunteer

The true essence of Christmas lies in giving. Whether it’s giving back to the community or giving to the less privileged, this is what true joy feels like. One of the best, and most giving things you can do on Christmas Day is to volunteer!

There are so many places that need an extra pair of hands-on Christmas Day, such as soup kitchens, children’s shelters, and old age homes. Many of the people here usually spend Christmas alone and, in a time of togetherness, you can be the company they’re wishing for.

4. Donate!

Declutter your home and get rid of whatever you don’t need. Whether it’s clothes or toys, donate whatever you can to shelters and orphanages. It doesn’t matter if it’s something old to you, because it’s definitely new to the ones receiving it.

It’s especially important to donate during a pandemic when a lot of families have lost their sources of income. Many of these people can’t even imagine celebrating Christmas at such a time, so you can bring a little joy into their lives.

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5. Jam to Christmas Music

What’s Christmas without some dancing? Just like the movies, Christmas music, too, is a genre all by itself. Almost every musician has made their own Christmas song at some point, whether they’ve covered the classics or performed originals. Take your pick and get Jingle Bell Rock-in’!

6. Hang Out At The Mall

Malls, during the holiday season, look like a complete Winter Wonderland! And, of all the things to do on Christmas Day, this one could probably be the most expensive (but fun!).

If you’ve got some spare time on Christmas, you should definitely visit the mall and just take in the magic. Maybe even get a picture taken with Santa – why should kids have all the fun? Get yourself a gift or two, because when else would you splurge on yourself, if not on Christmas?

7. Have a Christmas Photoshoot

We’re not talking about your family greeting cards. It’s time to don those cute-yet-ugly Christmas sweaters and get clicking! If your family lives apart and Christmas is one of the few times you get together, this is the best way to capture some great memories.

Get some funky accessories to match your outfits and go wild!

8. Go Caroling

Even the biggest Grinch can’t help but hum along to classic Christmas carols. Caroling is a fun activity for the whole group to do together, and the perfect display of the spirit of togetherness! It may be one of the most cliché things to do on Christmas Day, but the day really feels incomplete without some carols!

9. Admire the Christmas Decor

Christmas Lights outside on a house and in the garden

Every year, we put a lot of effort into decorating our houses for Christmas. When a street looks straight out of a Home Alone movie, it gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling. One of our favorite things to do on Christmas Day is to drive around and admire the sparkling homes.

10. Just Sit Together

The bottom line is, though, is that you don’t really need to have a lot of things to do on Christmas Day, to enjoy being together. Just sitting, talking, laughing, and playing games is enough on a day like today.

Christmas is one of the few times in a year when the whole family or all of your friends are truly together. We don’t need to do something extraordinary to show our loved ones that we love them, because they already know it.

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This Christmas, make sure to take some time out to just be in the moment, with your loved ones, and be grateful for all that you have. Happy holidays! ☃️

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