Lower East Side is a cozy neighborhood in Manhattan. The sense of community and family of the neighborhood will make you want to find rooms for rent in Lower East Side, for sure. There are also many unique shops and restaurants in Lower East Side that can keep you busy for hours. The diversity of cultures here is also unparalleled. Each neighborhood has its own flare from block to block and each restaurant is unique too!

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Where is Lower East Side?

The Lower East Side is a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. It roughly encompasses the area between East Village, Lower Manhattan, Chinatown, and East River. This eclectic community has played a significant role in American culture and history, including the birth of both the modern subway system and hip hop. It can be a little hard to find cheap rooms for rent in Lower East Side, but don’t worry we’ve got your back!

Find Rooms For Rent in Lower East Side

If you’re looking for a place to live, you’re in the right place. This guide will help you decide whether living on the Lower East Side is right for you. This place has everything from yummy food to friendly service and the facilities people need when living in the city. There’s also a lot of places to visit like bars, museums, parks, and restaurants on the Lower East Side. Because of its abundance of venues for live music, theaters, and art galleries, it has become known as New York’s cultural center as well!

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Average Rent in Lower East Side

With its edgy art galleries and hipster hangouts, it’s easy to write off Lower East Side as an average 21st-century urban neighborhood! However, the average rent in Lower East is actually higher than in other Manhattan neighborhoods. That’s partly due to its trendy boutiques and attractive restaurants. But, don’t worry. We can help you out with affordable rooms for rent in Lower East Side! Here are the average rent rates for the area:

Rooms for rent in Lower East SideAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Lower East Side$1,466
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Lower East Side$2,278
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Lower East Side$4,416

Is Lower East Side safe?

Lower East Side is one of the safer and more diverse neighborhoods in NYC. In fact, the crime rates of the neighborhood are below the average of New York. However, it’s best to get to know the area and be prepared. Here are some apps and numbers you should aware of while looking for rooms for rent in Lower East Side – just in case!

  • AroundMe: The AroundMe app was developed to allow consumers to easily find locations of nearby banks, hotels, restaurants, and gas stations. By simply typing in your current location or selecting one on the map found within the app’s interface, users are given a list of nearby businesses sorted according to category and distance from their current location.
  • AreaVibes: AreaVibes is an app that allows you to quickly assess the livability of any given zip code. The service provides information about nearby amenities and their quality. It also covers crime statistics, housing costs, school ratings, employment data, transportation options and weather.
  • NeighborhoodScout: NeighborhoodScout is an app that allows you to search for any address in your area and find out how safe it is. It also gives you need-to-know details about the neighborhood. Make sure you use this tool before choosing rooms for rent in Lower East Side.
  • Hotline Numbers: If you ever need to, you can count on 911 and 311. Call 911 for serious emergencies like a fire, crime in progress or life-threatening situation. For non-emergencies like reporting graffiti, road damage, or an inquiry about a service, you can contact 311 instead.

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Public Transit in Lower East Side


With a walk score of 95, Lower East Side is the 55th most walkable neighborhood in New York City. It’s no doubt that the neighborhood is a walker’s paradise and you certainly don’t need a car to get around. Even your daily errands can be done in a place that’s within a walking distance!

Roads & Traffic

The neighborhood is not only a walkers paradise but also a biker’s dream, with a bike-ability score of 95. Although it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find some traffic on the Lower East Side, you can always bike to your destination to beat the traffic. Alternatively, you can count on the taxis of the neighborhood to get to your destination.

Nearby Train Stations

If you’re looking for rooms for rent in Lower East Side, then you need to know about the nearest train stations to make your travel more efficient. The best train station near Lower East Side is MTA – Canal Street Subway Station. Other stations close by are Spring Street 6 Station, Clark Street 2/3 Station, and Christopher Street Path Station.

Nearby Bus Stops

If you want to travel on buses instead, you can take the M14A-SBS, M15, M9 bus routes which serve the Lower East Side regularly. You can catch these buses at Essex St/Delancey St and Allen St/Delancey St.

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Restaurants in Lower East Side

When it comes to restaurants in Lower East Side, there are lots of options to choose from. From quick bites and healthy brunches to fine dining for special occasions, there’s something for everyone here. Check out the best restaurants in Lower East Side below!

La Contenta

La Contenta is a small restaurant located in NYC’s Lower East Side that specializes in authentic Mexican food and traditional margaritas. There’s a great selection of Mexican juices to choose from and the Nachos and Tacos are a must-try.

Mother Duck

Mother Duck is one of the best Asian fusions restaurants in Lower East Side. This place has an eclectic ambiance along with wonderful service. You can get delicious yet affordable dishes and you’ll almost definitely want to go back for more. We recommend you try the Shrimp and Avocado Tart with the Charred Squid and be ready to be mind-blown!

Le French Diner

Le French Diner’s ambiance is sweet and cozy, with dark wood floors, exposed brick walls, and antique furniture. Everything about their dishes from presentation to taste reflects an authentic French bistro experience. It’s clear that this place is a favorite among foodies in Lower East Side because it’s mostly packed, even on weekdays!

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Parks in Lower East Side

  • Hamilton Fish Park: This park has a pool, so now you know what your summer weekend plans will be once you’ve found rooms for rent in Lower East Side. The pool is cleaned regularly and there’s a locker space facility to keep your items safe. The park also has a fish pond, handball court, and basketball court.
  • Seward Park: You can go to Seward Park for a long walk, run or even a workout. This large park has multiple facilities that you can use like the outdoor gym area, basketball court, and handball court. The park also has lots of benches that you can use to sit and have a relaxing time instead!
  • Sara D. Roosevelt Park: There’s so much to do in this park that you could easily make a day of it here. There is a track, a small soccer ground, basketball court, handball court, and space for you to roller skate. You can take a walk, go for a run, play a sport or even click photos in front of the murals. Whatever you choose to do here, this park is fun for both visitors and residents!

Gyms near Lower East Side

F45 Training Lower East Side

F45 Training Lower East Side is a high-intensity interval training program. All workouts are designed with one goal in mind – to increase your physical abilities and push you beyond your current fitness level by the end of the session. They have great trainers and handy facilities like showers, changing rooms, and locker space as well.

WillyB CrossFit – Bowery

WillyB CrossFit is a fitness center that provides a fun and challenging workout environment for staying fit and healthy in the city. They have experienced and skilled trainers who will help you get the most out of your time there, along with all the facilities you’d expect of a gym in Lower East Side.


CONBODY gym offers yoga, Zumba, and many other activities in the heart of NYC. They have one-of-a-kind equipment and amazing staff which will be a huge factor in your fitness journey. If you’re looking for gyms in Lower East Side for intensive workouts with a twist, then you can definitely count on CONBODY!

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