Did you know there are over 200 neighborhoods in New York City? But only some of them provide the ultimate living experience and Kips Bay is one of them. Kips Bay is a peaceful area, offering its residents a cool low-key vibe and great views of the East River. You’ll also find great options for shopping and fine dining here, along with a vibrant nightlife. But before you make the big move, we want to help you get to know the area. So, we’ve put together this guide to help make your search for rooms for rent in Kips Bay easier. Read on to learn more about this quiet neighborhood.

Where is Kips Bay?

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Kips Bay or Kip’s Bay is located on the east side of Manhattan, one of NYC’s five boroughs. It is bordered by Murray Hill to the North and Gramercy Park to the South, while neighborhoods like Nomad and Midtown South are also nearby. In Kips Bay, you’ll find various metropolitan amenities designed to make life better for its residents. Its proximity to the calming view of the East River also adds to the appeal of this quaint neighborhood.

Find Rooms for Rent in Kips Bay

In Kips Bay, residents have their pick of different house styles, from ancient old brick townhouses to classic condo complexes. You’ll also find modern apartments that give the area a homely feel, while maintaining its historic connections. It’s a great place to live, considering it ranks as number 13 in the best neighborhoods to live in NYC.

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Average Rent in Kips Bay

Rent prices in Kips Bay are generally affordable in comparison to other NYC neighborhoods, however, apartment rates have increased by 1.2% in the past year. Here are some examples of the current average rent in Kips Bay:

Rooms for rent Kips BayAverage Rent
1 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Kips Bay$2,237
2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Kips Bay$3,338
3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent In Kips Bay$4,626

Is Kips Bay safe?

Yes, Kips Bay is a generally safe neighborhood. However, it’s best to get to know the area and avoid venturing out alone at night in NYC. Here are some websites and numbers you can use to learn about the neighborhood whilst searching for rooms for rent in Kips Bay.

  1. AreaVibes: This website uses livability score reports to rank many cities in the world. It shows you the best places you can live, and provides information crime rates, amenities, transportation, schooling and more. This will definitely come in handy when looking for rooms for rent in Kips Bay.
  2. Trulia: Trulia not only allows you to rent homes, but it provides you with more insight about the neighborhoods where these homes are located. Information provided includes crime rates, amenities, residents’ reviews, and original photos.
  3. NeighborhoodScout: With this website, you can find accurate, comprehensive and neighborhood-specific crime, demographic and housing performance.
  4. Hotline Numbers: If you’re living in New York City, 911 and 311 are two vital numbers you should know. They are both 24-hour hotlines. Call 911 if there’s an emergency, and dial 311 if you want to report a local issue or non-emergency.

Public Transit in Kips Bay

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1. Walkability

As you search for rooms for rent in Kips Bay, you’ll realize that it’s a walker’s paradise with a walk score of 98. It also ranks as the 24th most walkable neighborhood in New York. As a result, most daily errands can be achieved on foot and you won’t need a car to get around.

2. Roads and Traffic

Kips Bay has an impressive bike score of 88, and as Manhattan is a busy area with frequent traffic, cycling can be a quicker way to get around.

3. Nearby Train Stations

Kips Bay also boasts world-class public transportation, providing residents with easy access to Subway stations. The nearest NYC Subway stations are on 23rd Street and 28th street, with stations at Park Avenue South, served by 6 and <6> trains.

4. Nearby Bus Stations

Bus lines that stop near Kip Bay include BM3, M15, M15-SBS, M34A-SBS, and QM15.

Parks in Kips Bay

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  1. Bryant Park: Known as Manhattan’s Town Square, this park is a great city attraction known for its unique lush seasonal gardens, free activities and Alfresco dining. It also hosts several seasonal events, especially during the winter.
  2. Madison Square Park: This spacious and colourful park helps give residents of the busy Manhattan a happy escape. Attractions in this park include free WiFi, classical monuments, musical performances and milkshakes from Shake Shack.
  3. Stuyvesant Square Park: This is a small, chill park for you to hang out in after a long day’s work. Catch a glimpse of monarch butterflies while enjoying the park’s historical beauty.

Restaurants in Kips Bay

1. Riverpark

Riverpark is one of the many restaurants in Kips Bay known for its dynamic menu and panoramic East River views. It is located in a garden plaza, and serves its customers the finest American cuisine.

2. Hill and Bay

Hill and Bay is another popular restaurant in Kips Bay. It serves homemade and high-quality meals, as well cocktails and craft beers in a bright brick-walled space that feels edgy and contemporary.

3. Coppolas

Coppolas is an Italian restaurant that introduces a touch of diversity into Kips Bay. It provides fresh and mouth-watering Italian cuisine daily, ranging from home-cooked pasta to seafood.

Grocery stores in Kips Bay

1. Trader Joe’s

If you’re looking for rooms for rent in Kips Bay, then you should have a field day with this fact. Trader Joe’s is one of the most popular grocery store companies in the United States and residents in Kips Bay love that there’s one close by. Here, you’ll find all kinds of food products, including gourmet meals, organic foods, vegetarian foods, and frozen foods. Better yet, most of their products are environmentally friendly too.

2. Fairway Market Kips Bay

Fairway Market is a gourmet grocery store with a great selection of fresh food products. You can grab your groceries on the go at affordable prices while supporting local businesses here.

3. Murray Hill Market

In Murray Hill Market, you can find a variety of essential home use products and fresh foods too. There’s also a restaurant where you can order home-cooked food made using their own ingredients, so why not treat yourself?

With this, we’ve come to the end of this neighborhood guide. Happy moving!

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